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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Won the first game

So the Sophomore team won the first game of the season. We came out and made some mistakes typical of a first game, but we made adjustments at halftime and took the game over at the half. We physically dominated them and took over the game. These guys made me proud as we won this game 32-22 and the last td was in garbage time. Everyone really got to play and I am just happy to have this win. This was a payback victory and from here on out lets see what we can do with these kids.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Do You Want to Coach?

This is a very important question for all those aspiring coaches out there. Why do you want to coach? Whatever sport you wish to coach this question should be asked by you of yourself. Do you want the glory of being a coach? Are you wanting to go up the ranks make this a full time job? Or are you wanting to make the difference in someone's life? This last question should be the real reason you get into coaching. If you don't do it for the kids then you won't have a good experience. With the hours that you will put into coaching, if you don't do it for the kids then you shouldn't be a coach.
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First Sophomore Game Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the first Sophomore game of the season. Not gonna lie I am nervous about this game but that happens every year for me. This year we have platooned more on the sophomore team and so I have been coaching the Defensive Line for the Sophomores. We have worked on being a physical team. Usually the team that is most physical is the team that wins games and so we need to do this. Well we will see how we do, all that work during the summer is coming to fruition as we begin our season. I'll let you know what happens
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