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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running Inside Zone Part 1

I wanted to diagram out our inside zone play. I have drawn it up being run to the right but the same rules will apply if running to the left.

The rules I will go over are when you run at either an odd front or an even front. First drawing is against an odd front, second is against an even front.

Against an odd man front the key is the Nose Guard(N). Center (C) and Backside Guard (BG) double team N to the Backer. If Nose slants to his right BG takes Nose and Center goes to Backer. If Nose slants to his left Center takes Nose and BG takes the Backer. If Nose plays straight up then your O-Line has to stay with the double team until the backer commits. Your RB aims for the Playside Guard's(PG) butt; If he sees the Nose slanting to his left then RB cuts back towards the BG. If Nose has slanted to his right RB hits the hole behind the PG.

Against Even Front the key is the DT in the 1 Technique. If the 1 tech slants hard to his left the BG should just push the DT down the line. If he plays head up the BG needs to reach the DT and block him. Same rule applies to the RB running this play. if he sees the 1 tech in the hole cut back is open. If 1 tech isn't there then take the hole behind the PG.

It is important to emphasize to your O-Line that they must stay with the double as long as possible until the backers commit. Doing so and your team will have a lot of success.

This is what makes the inside zone such a hard play to defend. The O-line isn't really wrong, the Running Backs make the O-Line always right.
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