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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late again

So once again this year we are dealing with players being late to practice. So yesterday the players had to run for an hour doing ladders. You would think message received right? Nope we had a kid late today. Guess what, he was the only one punished and had to run more than the others. I would think an hour of running would get the message through. Some kids though just gotta take a lot of abuse.

As for workouts, I am thinking we are starting to come together. I am still a little worried about the Freshman O line but that is my job to coach them up. We might have to play some players on the Frosh both ways to ensure we win. But I am confident in what we do that we will come out on top.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Football Camp

So I haven't yet written about camp. Camp this year we brought Freshman with us. Let me tell you that was kind of difficult because you have to teach and take a lot more time during practice to do so. We were able to get quite a bit in, and practices seemed to just fly by.

A few things I was encouraged by. We went into our scrimmage and since Bingham didn't have enough frosh our freshman had to play sophomores and actually didn't do too bad. Our sophomores this year are more aggressive, we didn't really get blown up on offense and should have had a couple TD's just gotta make some blocks. I am feeling good going into this season, I think we can do some real good things this coming season.

A great part is that the Varsity did better than the coaches expected against Bingham. It looks like we are gonna have another great year. Why is this big? Bingham has 8 D-1 players on their team and are physical. Those players that have been waiting are ready to step up. Now remember this is the sophomore team I first coached that went undefeated so these seniors haven't lost a game yet. They are ready to go through their entire career undefeated.

And remember the sophomore team from last year? They beat Bingham's JV 5 td's to 2 td's. Talk about getting revenge. It just proves to me even more that we teach the right technique to our players.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

2007 Ring with New Camera

Compare the old pics of the 2007 ring to these new ones and see the detail of my new camera.

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New Camera and Pics of Championship Rings

So I just got a new camera for my bday. A Sony 12 MP camera. Wow can it get detail. I am putting pics up of my rings for people to see the detail. You might remember I did this last year with a different camera. Compare and contrast the detail to the old camera. Here is the 2008 ring.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just signed up for Twitter

I just signed up for Twitter. my account there is I will be giving updates there on how football camp is going this coming week. Check up on how I am doing with these quick updates to everyone to see. Hope everyone is having a great summer
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