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Friday, November 12, 2010

Timpview Loses in Quarterfinals to Springville

This has been a post that I have dreaded posting for the last week.  Today are the semifinals in Utah and for the first time I won't be on the sideline for one of the games.  We lost last week at Springville in the Quarterfinals.  This is a game that still bums me out and haven't watched the film or read any articles about the game.

We made mistakes and they made the plays to win so you have to give them credit.  Coach Wong had warned them during the season that you can't make mistakes in the playoffs because the better teams won't let us back into the games.  It's unfortunate that this happened as we had some seniors who had been a part of the previous state championship teams and unfortunately won't get a 4th ring.

I do feel that the players might not have taken this team as serious as they could have.  It started during film session with players cracking jokes.  The offensive line had a rough game as their front four caused us issues and Covey getting a concussion in the game.

So now the players coming up will have to step it up.  Next year will be quite interesting as we will be replacing a lot on the offensive side of the ball.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Timpview Sophomore Offensive Line

Here are some pics of the O-line from the 2010 Timpview Sophomore Team.  They had a great season including one game leading the way to rush for 380+ yards.  I am really proud of these kids and we became a very mean offensive line.  I have also included pics of the 2010 Sophomore team.  I am in the middle in the team pictures.

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