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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Football's JailBreak Screen

I love this screen. Others call it tunnel screen but basically it is a devastating play if run right. I call it a jailbreak screen cause basically everyone on offense breaks out to block downfield. For youth teams this could be a big gainer because a lot of teams blitz. When we ran it in the youth team we averaged at least 15 yards a time. We ran it 6 times in the championship game and the only time it was stopped was because we dropped the ball.

If you are looking for a big gainer and a fun play for lineman and kids, look at running this play. It is also a major play in regards to using the Air Raid system as well. Here is how we blocked the jailbreak screen::

  1. The second receiver goes to the corner covering the outside receiver and block.  
  2. Back goes and blocks the slot receiver's defender. 
  3. The tackle on the play side needs to stay with the defensive end by inviting him upfield and taking him that way.  The other linemen set pass for 1.5 seconds and then release down field finding looking for linebackers and providing basically a wall for the receiver to run behind.  

For those of you who don't know what this screen even looks like, here is an image of how we blocked it. As well as an article explaining about it.

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