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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Massachusetts Play-by-Play Announcers Lose It Over A Bad Call In Football Game

Well I am just gonna be honest this is a terrible call.  Not sure how this got blown incomplete, it wasn't even close to being backwards but that is ok.  The best part is the reaction of the announcers and how they start yelling out the window at the refs.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Timpview Vs Logan 1st Round of Playoffs

Well what a draw we got this year for the 1st round.  We have Logan High which is a very good team.  This is one of the few programs to actually ever beat us in the playoffs so we have to be prepared for this game intensely.  With the sophomore season done I will help with the varsity group more now during the playoffs and look forward to the practices.

It is supposed to snow this week so it will be cold outside.  We need to be physical this team is very aggressive and we need to be aggressive in return.  We will see what happens, I may just give you a daily post about practice this week.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Timpview Sophomore's vs Timpanogos, Lehi, and Provo

Well I need to update you on the Timpview sophomore team and how they did to finish out the season.  The Timpanogos sophomore team is a good team even though they didn't have a lot of players.  They played us tough as they responded to our score with a score of their own.  In fact they actually led us at different points of the game.  We learned that the team had been undefeated so far so this was a good test for our boys.

Heading into the half 14-14 we made some adjustments and the defense did a better job and getting some turnovers.  Offensively we struggled at times and threw what appeared to be a costly interception near the end zone.  Defense held strong and we forced them into a field goal.  I thought that we could block a field goal and were able to on this play.  After the block our corner picked the ball up and proceeded to score tying up the game.  After trading blows we drove for a game winning fg which we missed at the end of the game so overtime started.  We got defense first (which you want) and held for the 1st two downs.  Our DC calls a play and he starts calling the safety over to man up on the receiver.  The safety mis interprets and thinks he is to blitz.  He proceeds to run as the team runs a speed option.  The qb is hit by our safety and fumbles the ball, our outside backer scoops the ball up and runs for a td to end the game 33-27.  I was really proud how the team responded in the game.

On a short week we then had to play Lehi and the game was again a good test.  We came out and played well and won 43-14.  One crazy thing was that our kickers kept missing PAT' Coach Bateman let the linemen kick the last 2 for the game so yes we missed 6 pat's in the game.  We also rushed for 386 yards in the game and 6 rushing td's.  Not bad for a spread team to do.  Undefeated in region this brought up the next big game which was Provo our rival.

Yesterday was our Provo game and we didn't know much about the Provo sophomores.  We came out and actually scored quickly and jumped out to a 20-0 lead heading into the half.  I tried getting all my players in sooner since it is the last game of the year.  We lead 27-7 and the players proceeded to give an ice bath to Coach Bateman and then I got one as well.  I walked around giving congrats to the players and hugging them as we would finish undefeated region champs.  Provo did score in the final seconds to make it 27-14 so give them credit for battling.  After shaking hands we proceeded to take pictures with the players and the parents gave them cupcakes.  What a difference a year makes,  this is the same freshman team that only won 1 game last year.  This platooning from a young age though really does help, as this team was the furthest along as sophomores we have ever had.  I expect big things from this group.
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Report on Timpview vs Timpanogas and Lehi

My apologies on not reporting sooner but here goes about the last two varsity games.  First off the Timpanogos game where we seemed to come out in a slumber.  Even though we scored first we kept making too many mistakes and actually headed into the half down 24-14.

Coach Wong was very upset and made the bold decision to not let any of the coaches go in at half and talk with the team, that they needed to figure things out.  So for the whole half until 3 minutes left not a coach went into the locker room, we just stood outside and headed out onto the field.  The players came out and the team responded holding Timpanogos scoreless for the second half and won 41-24.

The Lehi game was a different story.  Maybe the Timpanogos game was what we needed, that if you play flat you can lose as we came out on fire scoring quickly.  We blocked two punts and by the end of the first half it was 49-0.  Our backups got game time and though Lehi scored twice to make it 49-15 it was still a successful game and we escaped without any major injuries.

We have at least clinched a share of the region crown and probably the 1 seed in the playoffs but we can be outright region champs if we beat Provo tonight.  It's a big game since it is rivalry week.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Timpview Wins Over Westlake 43-20 First Place In Region

Well it was a good game against a very good team.  Christian Covey didn't have the greatest first half but finally settled down and was able to make plays to win the game.  The defense came up with stops when they needed to and forced 3 turnovers.

I would hate to face that team in the first couple rounds of the playoffs.  They have play makers and will make it very tough for any team they play.  I told Coach Walker and Coach Pitcher that their team will make some noise these playoffs.  Wouldn't it be something to meet in the state finals this year?
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