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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Example of Passing Game in Empty

Even though we are a team that doesn't necessarily do empty all the time I have found that I like going empty and wanted to talk more about some plays you can run from the empty set.  In my previous post I talked a little about the run game from empty.  Today I would like to talk about using the passing game from empty.  A great advantage of this type of offensive set is that it puts the defense in a real bind by spreading them out allowing more one on one situations.  Because of the quick passing game one thing that you can find is that it starts to tire the defensive front out.  They start to rush the QB, ball is gone and they then have to turn and chase the ball carrier.  If a team blitzes it is the same situation as they will have to turn and run once the ball is gone.  Teams will have to be rotating multiple players and this again can put help your offense as you will be wear a defense down.

One disadvantage obviously is that there is no back in the backfield to help block and so you need to have a good short passing game to help prevent teams from blitzing.  One of the most common passing plays that teams will run is where all five receivers will run hitches.

Empty Right 50 All Hitches

By the spacing you set up, it will help allow your receiver to find the open spot in the defense.  The inside curls can help punish a team that brings it backers that can also be checked into go routes if the middle backers blitz and the defense is in cover 0  This is a great universal play against zone and man to man coverage.  Usually against zone you will find on the three receiver side that #2 receiver will come open quite a bit.

Because you are in a 3x2 formation you will probably see more cover 3 and man to man.  Some teams could go to cover 2 but because of the offensive alignment that will make it tough.  Other teams will check to an auto blitz cover 0 upon seeing empty so your QB and receivers need to be aware of this.

Another nice setup from this formation is that you can run your passing plays called with one you run from trips and a play that you run with two receivers.  You don't have to create tons of new plays and the players don't have to get confused about what routes they run.  I have included some example plays and also how you could call them.  The protection is 50 telling the line that they have man for man blocking up front protecting inside gap first.  Then the first called route is for the trips side and the second is for the two receiver side.  

Empty Right 50 Curls Sloot
Hitches to the right and then Slant Shoot on the left. .

Empty Right 50 Levels Smash
Levels to the right; corner and hitch on the left.

In addition to calling plays this way out of empty you can also call your normal 2x2 pass plays and add an additional tag for the #3 receiver on the trips side.  Here are a couple examples of such play calls

Empty Right 50 Stout F-Post


Empty Right 50 Hoot F-Slant

Or you could do the following with individual tags for the two receiver side.

Empty Right 50 Flood X-Out H-Go

Your QB should be making a pre-snap read based on the defensive look and decide what side to throw to.  Because you are so spread out, the defense will have to basically show their coverage.  If you are a team that does like to go spread I suggest you take a look more at empty.  Many coaches get scared of running this formation because of the fact there only 5 to block.  But looking at the types of plays you can call, it will allow you to be able to use the strengths of your offensive players against a defense without making too many changes to what you do.

Coaches I would love to hear what you do out of empty or thoughts on what I wrote about.  I would also like to hear from defensive coaches their thoughts, I am trying to learn more so please some feedback in the comments.

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