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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Timpview Sophomores Beat Westlake Sophomores 41-14

Well tonight we won 41-14.  Backups got in and that is when their scores occurred but still it was a good game. We had 5 rushing touchdowns and our defense caused multiple turnovers.  All in all it was a pretty dang good game that we are really coming together.  We are becoming a physical football team that is starting to kick people's butts up and down the field.

I am looking forward to this coming game against Timpanogos for the coming week.  This game to me will be fun because this was a team last year where the fans were taunting our players.  I would love to kick their butts so bad.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About The Amazing Hurdle Play That Wasn't (As Shown On Yahoo)

If you were looking at Yahoo last night you saw this story about the amazing hurdle play of a QB in a game in Ohio.  Unfortunately for this player the play was penalized and called back.  According to the rulebook for the National Federation of State High School Federations (NFHS) this was the correct call as the player hurdled a defender who was still on both feet.  You can see the play here on the video:

Some of the comments on the story make the comment about Sam McDuffie who is famous for hurdling opposing players on Youtube.

There is one big difference on why Sam was able to get away with hurdling and not having the plays called back.  He is from Texas and there the high schools don't play under NFHS football rules, they play under NCAA rules.  Most people don't know this and that is why in Ohio the play is a penalty and in Texas it is not.  In fact there are only two states where the high schools play according to NCAA rules, Texas and Massachusetts.  Just wanted to let people know why the play was called back. .
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Timpview vs Westlake 2010

Well this has become the game of the week in 4A.  Westlake is undefeated as are we and this will be a good game.  Many are saying they are the team that will knock us from our perch of dominance in the region.  Watching film on them their QB Ursua is the one that will really hurt us if he gets into scramble mode as he makes plays happen with his feet.  He also has a good group of receivers with #2 being the main one of the bunch. 

They look to be a well coached team and aggressive as well.  I am looking forward to a good battle in this game.  I don’t think the score will be anywhere similar to last year’s but I do feel that we will win.  We have experience in a tough game against a tough team like Alta so I think that will be the difference.  It will still be fun and this probably is the battle for the region championship.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Timpview beats Orem 51-14

Well we won but we still haven't played a complete game.  In fact it was 17-14 in the 3rd before we responded with 34 straight points to win.  Colby jorgensen had a pick 6 which was the play that broke the game open putting us up 31-14 and from that point on the defense kept the pressure on.

We can't do this against teams in the playoffs because we might not be able to come back from it.  Well we gotta take care of business and get to work.  It is now a bye week and now on to Westlake.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Timpview Sophomores win 36 to 0

Well tonight Timpview's sophomore team won 36-0.  We did a good job tonight getting a push on the line and were able to punch the ball in rushing and even throwing.  It was a very good win including the defense getting the shut out.  The kids get tomorrow off then Monday film.  It will be a fun film to watch.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Timpview vs Orem

Well we have Orem this week and it should be a good game.  It is a rivalry game and so the emotions will be high.  This season for an offensive attack Orem has gone to the spread and is trying to establish their run game more.  This should be a good game as they have traditionally been a physical team.  We will see how the young guys do tomorrow against this team and I am looking forward to us getting another win.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Post about the Timpview Sophomore Team

Well I have decided to post about the Sophomore team and their game last Thursday.  Playing the Mountain View sophomore team we were able to win 56-7.  We had over 300 yards rushing and 5 rushing TD's and then threw for 3 TD's and over 200 yards.  It was all in all a great experience.

We did a really good blocking, but like always there are things that can obviously be worked on.  As for the defense, they had a really good game except for a moment where we had double personal fouls assessed which helped lead to the only score of the game.

We were the more physical team and it showed as we flew around the ball and worked on getting down field to help block on plays.  We will be a good team in a couple years just give us time.  This week we have Orem and I think we can get the job done against them as well.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Timpview Beats Mountain View 51-14

Well it wasn't the prettiest of halves but we did go into the half 16-7.  We came out flat and probably overlooked this team.  It is hard after the big win over Alta last week but we need to stay focused because this is when the games matter for seeding in playoffs.

We need to remember that we are going to get teams best at the start and we can't come out flat or else we could find ourselves at the wrong end of a score.

We did come back in the second half and were able to establish ourselves throwing and running in the second half and had some players step up especially after injuries in the game.  We will be ok and maybe this was the best thing for these kids, reminds them that they are mortal as a team and also not to overlook anyone.  Next up is Orem and they would love to knock us off.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Timpview Beats Alta 41-27

Oh what a game that was.  It was so fun to be at.  It was a battle of two really really good teams.  We got down early 14-0 came back scored then blocked a fg.  We then threw an int and went down 20-7 with about a minute twenty left in the half.  We drove 80 yards for a td helped by a late hit penalty and scored to go into the half 20-14.

Second half we came out firing on offense and drove down though we missed a fg.  Alta then fumbled next possession we throw a td on a corner route.  Alta responds with a td drive and we drive for a 2 yd td run.  Next Alta possession we get the stop we need a pick by our corner.  Very next play our QB puts a beautiful pass out in front of him and the receiver lays out for a 22 yard td pass to put is in front permanently.

We got a huge 4th down stop where the receiver was stopped a half yard short and then took an 18 play drive to salt away the win.  We had a big 4th and 1 play we converted and a huge 3rd down play.  To cap it off we intercepted another pass and knelt to end the game.  Sorry this isn't the best post but I wanted to put this down while I still have the adrenaline going.  Oh what a great great and fun game that was!!!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Opening Night of College Football

Unfortunately tonight I will probably miss some games since I will be at the young guy's game.  However I hope to get home and watch the end of the Utah/Pitt game.  I think this will be a good game but also a tough game for Pitt.  Utah always plays tough at home and they want to prove that the decision to put them in the Pac-10 was a correct decision.

The other game I want to see is also the Hawaii/USC game.  You have to wonder how USC will do this season, they still have talent and am sure they will win this game.  But you do wonder how they will look when it is all said and done tonight.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Timpview vs Alta

Well this week we play probably the toughest opponent our schedule right now.  Of course things can change as the season goes on but right now I think this will be a great test.  We play Alta High School football this week after they have played Bingham high school.

Having gone and watched the game on Saturday, they played the 5th ranked high school in the country pretty tough for almost 3 quarters until Bingham was able to break the game open.  We need to really be at our best this week because they won't take it easy on us.  They have speed and are big so it should be a physical game.

This is a team that usually is included with us and Bingham in talking about the top teams of the state.  To give you an idea, this is a program that has played in 3 of the last 4 state championships winning 2 and at least been to the semifinals in another year.

We have a lot of firepower so I think we can get the job done but I don't expect a blowout.  If we can get up on em early that might make em press and that might change the game.  Likewise if they were to do the same to us.  Either way I expect a good battle.
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