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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oklahoma State's Unique Hand Off on the Jet Sweep

I have been looking for clips online of the Alamo Bowl so that I could show you what I mean by unique handoff in the game.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it yet.  They would bring a receiver in motion and then instead of handing the ball off, the QB would just overhand toss the ball to the receiver going in front of him.

Why would Oklahoma State do this?  Well I can think of one reason right now.  How many times in a game have we seen where there is a fumble on the read hand off that leads to a turnover.  Instead if the toss to the receiver is dropped it isn't a fumble but instead an incomplete pass that doesn't result in a turnover.

Does anyone have any clips of the play being run in the bowl game or not?  I really would like to post video here on the site to show.  It happens in the first half.
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How to Properly Run the Hurdles

Ok so it really isn't but I ran hurdles in high school and boy did I feel like doing this at times while running them.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eagles Use Of The Power Play

I meant to comment on this earlier but got distracted with the holiday.  I had wanted to talk about how the Eagles use the QB power play with Mike Vick when in the red zone out of the shotgun.  Here is a clip of the play during the Philadelphia/New York Giants game to bring the team within 7.  It was a brilliant call that caught the Giants un-prepared for the play.  And despite the call by the announcers, this was not a draw play.

This of course wasn't the first time that the Eagles used this play with Vick.  For his first td run as an Eagle they called the same play just to the right.

So how is the play blocked?  Well I have included a Power Point draw up of how the Eagles blocked the play against the Giants.

The Eagles run the play to the TE side pulling the backside guard and leading with the back.  The blocking is as follows:

  1. TE blocks down on end
  2. Play side Guard and Tackle double down on DT to Middle Backer
  3. Center down blocks on DT over pulling Guard
  4. Backside Tackle blocks end and 
  5. Wing blocks backside to prevent chaser.
  6. Back leads blocking most dangerous, usually outside defender
  7. Pulling Guard looks inside out blocking most dangerous.
As you can see this has been an effective play for the Eagles with a running QB.  For other coaches you might want to look at including it with your offense as it can be a great play for your team to run.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Go Chasing Ghosts

I was reading a section in Alan Trimble's football book about game planning and he brought a very importat point that young coaches should learn.  He calls it chasing ghosts when it comes to game preparation.  What is meant by this is going into practice and preparing for plays that you think are going to happen and wasting too much time doing so. 

That isn't to say that you won't encounter adjustments by other teams, but do you really believe that a double wing team is going to put in a shotgun spread play for the week playing you?  Maybe, but chances are pretty good that they won't.  If you start to worry too much about these ghosts you will cut into the game plan you are preparing and can take away from precious practice preparing for their main plays.

I unfortunately have seen this a lot from other coaches as they have tried to install a play or formation that another team has success doing.  In doing so they are chasing those ghosts and hurting their team with chances in preparing to win the game.  For you newer coaches, don't spend too much time preparing for what if's.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When Patience Pays Off For A Football Program

In my last post, I wrote about things I would do to rebuild a high school program.  One of the items on my list was that you need to be patient, and need the patience of the school administration.  Too often you are expected in 3 years to have it turned around.  I have a perfect example for everyone of how patience can pay off for your program.

This last weekend Aloha High School won the Oregon 6A state title for the first time in history.  What makes this run even more significant is that for 20 years the program had been the doormat of the state.  I remember my playing days and no matter what, you knew that you could beat Aloha in football.  That all changed 7 years ago with the hiring of their current coach.

When Coach Chris Casey arrived at the school, people were ashamed to be from Aloha.  Here is the story about what he encountered when he arrived.

A generation ago, Aloha was an attractive, close-to-downtown suburb offering new homes with large lots, proximity to good-paying jobs and a successful high school football program.

In the years since, things have become tougher. Wages have stagnated over time. Scores of businesses have closed in the past 12 months. And the Warriors football team withered, with winless seasons (four) outnumbering above-.500 finishes (one) in one 18-year period.

Under seventh-year head coach Chris Casey, though, the football team has gradually revived. Last year, the team achieved a winning record for the first time since 1989. This year, the Warriors won the championship of the uber-competitive Metro League for the first time since 1984, and beginning with tonight's first-round playoff game against visiting Barlow of Gresham, the Warriors are expected to make a serious run at a state championship -- and take a riveted community along for the ride.

"There are a lot of people barely hanging on," said Steve Cutone, owner of Buddies Sports Bar & Grill, less than a mile south of campus. "With the football program over at Aloha doing well, it kind of takes the thought of, 'Geez, we're not doing so well,' and you think, 'Hey, these guys are doing great.........'"

Casey, brother of Oregon State baseball coach Pat Casey, remembers his first meeting with the Beaverton School District superintendent, when he heard all about how the school was down on its luck, overshadowed by its more affluent neighbors in the district.

"I took it as a challenge," said Casey, the father of four children, ages 9 to 19. "When I got here, people were depressed and apologetic about being from Aloha. It's like people were acting like losers."

In the three seasons before Casey arrived at Aloha, the team lost 25 of 27 games and drew small, disinterested crowds to home games.

"The stigma on the kids was, 'Well, you go to Aloha, that's the loser school,'" said Mark Girard, a 1973 graduate who has lived in Aloha his entire life and attended games every year. "This means so much to me, and the people I know that played there, that they're erasing that stigma."
When the Warriors played host to perennial powerhouse Jesuit on Oct. 15 with first place in the Metro at stake, the stands were full one hour before kickoff. A crowd estimated at more than 5,000 watched Aloha win 38-25 to end a 24-game losing streak to the Crusaders.

"That win, that night, was by far the biggest thing I've ever witnessed at our high school, and at any high school, in my life," said Ed Macsisak, a former youth football coach who now serves as director of football operations for the high school.

As the Warriors finished their warm-ups and prepared to return to the locker room about 30 minutes before the game, Casey had them take a knee on the field.

"I told them to look around at what they had created," Casey said.

"It's a big buzz around the town, wherever you go," said Cutone, who put a "Go Warriors!" message on his sports bar's readerboard a few weeks ago. "The news is damn depressing, so you take something like Aloha football, a real positive like that, and it lifts everybody's spirits."

Starts with youth Aloha's decline on the football field coincided with changing times for the surrounding community.

New high schools opened in the Beaverton School District, redefining Aloha's enrollment boundaries. The median income of the community, in inflation-adjusted dollars, has been stagnant since 1980. In the 2009-10 school year, Aloha had a free or reduced lunch rate of 40 percent -- highest in the Beaverton district by a third.

A Washington County-issued newsletter says 100 businesses are expected to close in the next year on top of the 103 that folded in the past year.

The Aloha football turnaround began in 2000 when Oscar Cardona, a Nike executive and father of senior running back Troy Cardona, took over as president of Aloha Youth Football. Cardona didn't rubber-stamp waiver requests for players to join nearby youth programs.

"They wanted to go to Beaverton or Southridge or Westview," Cardona said. "I said, 'Let's try to be proud of our community. Help me solve the problem. I'm not going to let you run away from it.' I was threatened with lawsuits."

The youth program began to build, and in 2004, the high school program got the motivational leader it needed in Casey.

A college assistant for 19 seasons at Linfield (1985-93) and Whitworth (1994-2003) in Spokane, Casey and his wife, Kathleen, looked to move back to the Willamette Valley to be closer to family. Aloha needed a coach, and the school's athletic director, Kevin Bryant, was the same athletic director who hired Casey at Whitworth.

The year Casey was hired, the program got another shot in the arm when Nike, the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District and the U.S. Soccer Federation joined forces for a $1 million project to install artificial turf on Aloha's football field.

It was just the beginning. Nike helped make new football uniforms affordable. Jim Reimann, a businessman whose son played for Casey at Linfield, started giving $6,500 each year for the high school team to attend a summer football camp at Gold Beach. Rick Miller, an Aloha parent, gave $237,000 for a new weight room.

The school got a boost when the school district spent $15.7 million to build a science wing.

Changing the culture

Meanwhile, Casey was at work instilling a work ethic in the football program. The team began to win more and made breakthroughs last year with the winning record and long-sought playoff spot.

"There's about four kids that played Westview youth football that are now in the Aloha program because of what they've done over there," Westview High School coach Greg Fisher said. "I guess that's kudos to Chris. He's built a belief in a program, and kids want to play for that."

With their good-guy coach, lunch-pail image and underdog back story, the Warriors have become sentimental favorites. Casey said two Metro coaches have told him their wives pull for the Warriors.

Around Aloha, the Warriors have become celebrities of sorts. More than 300 people jammed into the Peppermill Restaurant for a party after the Jesuit game, cheering players and coaches as they arrived.

"I don't think the kids there fully realize it," said Girard, the 1973 Aloha graduate, "but I run into classmates and people that graduated before me, and they're just ecstatic about this. And they're coming out and they're going to games again. And they're saying, 'You can hold your head up and say you went to Aloha High now.'"
This is what makes high school football so great, as it can raise the spirits of an entire community.  Look at the patience exhibited by the coach and administration to give him time to build this program.   Imagine if he had been canned after 3 or 4 years?  Would they have their state title?  Coach Casey would be a great coach to talk to about rebuilding a high school program.  He stuck to his beliefs and helped turn not only a program around but also a community. 
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How I Would Rebuild A High School Football Program

Recently a fellow coach told me that the Lehi high school position was open and that I should apply for the position.  I declined initially but it did make me think how I would build up a high school program.  Lehi hasn't won a game in two years.  This is unfortunate since they won the state title 10 years ago and have fallen on hard times recently.

So what would I do to re-build a program like this?  Well here is just a list of a few of the things in no particular order I would do:

  1. Recruit The Halls- Sounds pretty cliche but this is a school with around 1800 students.  They won the soccer title in men's soccer, there are players and athletes in the school that can help.  There has to be some size that isn't out on the field that can be coached into players.  First thing I would do at any school is hit the halls to get kids out for the team.
  2. Build Team Pride- When facing a losing streak, the players start to become ashamed of being a part of the team.  You need to build up pride to be a part of this team.  You need to have team-building activities for kids (movie night; pool parties; bonfires; etc)  They need to bond and have that pride to be a football player again.
  3. Schedule Easier Non-League Games That You Know You Can Win-  This in my opinion is one of the most important things you can do. Pride about who you are playing isn't worth it in the middle of a losing streak.  You need to win some games to get the monkey off the back.  Practice after a win is always better than after a loss.  Wins give kids confidence to be successful.  An example of a team I would schedule were I at Lehi would be American Leadership Academy.  They are going back down to 2A but only won 1 game last year and have struggled over the years as well.  Find a way to play them, start to build some confidence.
  4. Simplify Your Game Plan- Too many times, new coaches come in and try to install everything they want to do on offense and defense.  This is a mistake in my opinion and can lead to confusing your players.  It takes time to get your system fully into place.  Figure out what your base plays are and install those and make sure the kids have them down.  Then you can build off of them from there.
  5. Be Patient- Unfortunately the Lehi program hasn't won in two years.  You can't change overnight the way they act and play; it will take time to undo and remake what the players do and how the community reacts to you.
  6. No One's Position Is Safe- There will be returning players that were starters last year.  Well that doesn't mean anything now that I am in charge of the program.  I would say that every position is open for competition.  The best players in that position are going to play, no ifs and's or buts about it.  You win your starting position back then good job but don't expect it to be handed to you.  Competition will help breed success.
  7. Stick To Your Plan And Believe What You Are Doing- You may make decisions that others will disagree with even on your staff, but you need to send the message.  If that means sitting a star player because his grades are poor then do it.  Once you have established how your program is run you can't change your mind for certain players.  Doing so will lose any credibility your players and parents will have in you and can lead to more troubles in the future for your program.
  8. Bring In The Success Of Past Teams/Cut Away From The Past Struggles- What do I mean by this?  Well for Lehi I would bring in the former players from the 2000 state championship team.  Have them meet the players, speak and let them know what it meant to them to be a part of the school.  Likewise you will need to make a clean break from the past struggles of your team.  There may be coaches from the previous staff that would like to stay and help.  Unfortunately I would say thanks but no thank you.  That isn't to say they would be a terrible fit with my philosophies but any tie to the past struggles counters what I would be trying to build.  
  9. Get The Backing Of Your School's Administration-  You need to have the full support of your school's administration and AD.  Nothing hurts more than not getting the backup from your principal and that kills a program faster than you know.  I have seen horror stories on coaching boards and know that I want with respects to that.  This also includes being able to pick your own staff.  If a principal wants to hire some of your coaches, then it just won't work out.
  10. BE FULLY INVESTED WITH YOUR NEW PROGRAM- Were I to leave Timpview (a successful program) for one like Lehi, I would make sure to be fully invested.  How many of us as players saw coaches that looked longingly at the previous school they were at acting as if they were wanting to return there.  How can a kid trust that you are doing what is best for them, why will they play hard for you if they feel that way?  Once you are there, be fully there as a coach.
  11. Stay In Contact With Your Mentor- Every coach will have a mentor that helps teach them the ropes.  If I leave Timpview to take over a program I will continue to speak with Coach Wong for advice on how to handle certain issues that arise.
  12. Make Sure Parents Are In The Loop- Let the parents know what is going on with the program and what your expectations are.  Doing so will help avoid any issues that could arrive because of miscommunication.  
  13. Engage The Community- Make sure you have a good booster club president that will help you fund raise.  Make sure to get the community involved in what you are doing, if they support your team, success will follow..
Well these are just a few of the things I would do to build a high school program were I to take over.  I may add more to the list as time goes by and I have more to think about.  I would love to hear any feedback from any coaches that read this post on things that they have done to build a high school program.

PS.  If the head coach is still there at Lehi I apologize for any misunderstanding it is what I was informed by a fellow coach.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Timpview Loses in Quarterfinals to Springville

This has been a post that I have dreaded posting for the last week.  Today are the semifinals in Utah and for the first time I won't be on the sideline for one of the games.  We lost last week at Springville in the Quarterfinals.  This is a game that still bums me out and haven't watched the film or read any articles about the game.

We made mistakes and they made the plays to win so you have to give them credit.  Coach Wong had warned them during the season that you can't make mistakes in the playoffs because the better teams won't let us back into the games.  It's unfortunate that this happened as we had some seniors who had been a part of the previous state championship teams and unfortunately won't get a 4th ring.

I do feel that the players might not have taken this team as serious as they could have.  It started during film session with players cracking jokes.  The offensive line had a rough game as their front four caused us issues and Covey getting a concussion in the game.

So now the players coming up will have to step it up.  Next year will be quite interesting as we will be replacing a lot on the offensive side of the ball.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Timpview Sophomore Offensive Line

Here are some pics of the O-line from the 2010 Timpview Sophomore Team.  They had a great season including one game leading the way to rush for 380+ yards.  I am really proud of these kids and we became a very mean offensive line.  I have also included pics of the 2010 Sophomore team.  I am in the middle in the team pictures.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Massachusetts Play-by-Play Announcers Lose It Over A Bad Call In Football Game

Well I am just gonna be honest this is a terrible call.  Not sure how this got blown incomplete, it wasn't even close to being backwards but that is ok.  The best part is the reaction of the announcers and how they start yelling out the window at the refs.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Timpview Vs Logan 1st Round of Playoffs

Well what a draw we got this year for the 1st round.  We have Logan High which is a very good team.  This is one of the few programs to actually ever beat us in the playoffs so we have to be prepared for this game intensely.  With the sophomore season done I will help with the varsity group more now during the playoffs and look forward to the practices.

It is supposed to snow this week so it will be cold outside.  We need to be physical this team is very aggressive and we need to be aggressive in return.  We will see what happens, I may just give you a daily post about practice this week.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Timpview Sophomore's vs Timpanogos, Lehi, and Provo

Well I need to update you on the Timpview sophomore team and how they did to finish out the season.  The Timpanogos sophomore team is a good team even though they didn't have a lot of players.  They played us tough as they responded to our score with a score of their own.  In fact they actually led us at different points of the game.  We learned that the team had been undefeated so far so this was a good test for our boys.

Heading into the half 14-14 we made some adjustments and the defense did a better job and getting some turnovers.  Offensively we struggled at times and threw what appeared to be a costly interception near the end zone.  Defense held strong and we forced them into a field goal.  I thought that we could block a field goal and were able to on this play.  After the block our corner picked the ball up and proceeded to score tying up the game.  After trading blows we drove for a game winning fg which we missed at the end of the game so overtime started.  We got defense first (which you want) and held for the 1st two downs.  Our DC calls a play and he starts calling the safety over to man up on the receiver.  The safety mis interprets and thinks he is to blitz.  He proceeds to run as the team runs a speed option.  The qb is hit by our safety and fumbles the ball, our outside backer scoops the ball up and runs for a td to end the game 33-27.  I was really proud how the team responded in the game.

On a short week we then had to play Lehi and the game was again a good test.  We came out and played well and won 43-14.  One crazy thing was that our kickers kept missing PAT' Coach Bateman let the linemen kick the last 2 for the game so yes we missed 6 pat's in the game.  We also rushed for 386 yards in the game and 6 rushing td's.  Not bad for a spread team to do.  Undefeated in region this brought up the next big game which was Provo our rival.

Yesterday was our Provo game and we didn't know much about the Provo sophomores.  We came out and actually scored quickly and jumped out to a 20-0 lead heading into the half.  I tried getting all my players in sooner since it is the last game of the year.  We lead 27-7 and the players proceeded to give an ice bath to Coach Bateman and then I got one as well.  I walked around giving congrats to the players and hugging them as we would finish undefeated region champs.  Provo did score in the final seconds to make it 27-14 so give them credit for battling.  After shaking hands we proceeded to take pictures with the players and the parents gave them cupcakes.  What a difference a year makes,  this is the same freshman team that only won 1 game last year.  This platooning from a young age though really does help, as this team was the furthest along as sophomores we have ever had.  I expect big things from this group.
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Report on Timpview vs Timpanogas and Lehi

My apologies on not reporting sooner but here goes about the last two varsity games.  First off the Timpanogos game where we seemed to come out in a slumber.  Even though we scored first we kept making too many mistakes and actually headed into the half down 24-14.

Coach Wong was very upset and made the bold decision to not let any of the coaches go in at half and talk with the team, that they needed to figure things out.  So for the whole half until 3 minutes left not a coach went into the locker room, we just stood outside and headed out onto the field.  The players came out and the team responded holding Timpanogos scoreless for the second half and won 41-24.

The Lehi game was a different story.  Maybe the Timpanogos game was what we needed, that if you play flat you can lose as we came out on fire scoring quickly.  We blocked two punts and by the end of the first half it was 49-0.  Our backups got game time and though Lehi scored twice to make it 49-15 it was still a successful game and we escaped without any major injuries.

We have at least clinched a share of the region crown and probably the 1 seed in the playoffs but we can be outright region champs if we beat Provo tonight.  It's a big game since it is rivalry week.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Timpview Wins Over Westlake 43-20 First Place In Region

Well it was a good game against a very good team.  Christian Covey didn't have the greatest first half but finally settled down and was able to make plays to win the game.  The defense came up with stops when they needed to and forced 3 turnovers.

I would hate to face that team in the first couple rounds of the playoffs.  They have play makers and will make it very tough for any team they play.  I told Coach Walker and Coach Pitcher that their team will make some noise these playoffs.  Wouldn't it be something to meet in the state finals this year?
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Timpview Sophomores Beat Westlake Sophomores 41-14

Well tonight we won 41-14.  Backups got in and that is when their scores occurred but still it was a good game. We had 5 rushing touchdowns and our defense caused multiple turnovers.  All in all it was a pretty dang good game that we are really coming together.  We are becoming a physical football team that is starting to kick people's butts up and down the field.

I am looking forward to this coming game against Timpanogos for the coming week.  This game to me will be fun because this was a team last year where the fans were taunting our players.  I would love to kick their butts so bad.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About The Amazing Hurdle Play That Wasn't (As Shown On Yahoo)

If you were looking at Yahoo last night you saw this story about the amazing hurdle play of a QB in a game in Ohio.  Unfortunately for this player the play was penalized and called back.  According to the rulebook for the National Federation of State High School Federations (NFHS) this was the correct call as the player hurdled a defender who was still on both feet.  You can see the play here on the video:

Some of the comments on the story make the comment about Sam McDuffie who is famous for hurdling opposing players on Youtube.

There is one big difference on why Sam was able to get away with hurdling and not having the plays called back.  He is from Texas and there the high schools don't play under NFHS football rules, they play under NCAA rules.  Most people don't know this and that is why in Ohio the play is a penalty and in Texas it is not.  In fact there are only two states where the high schools play according to NCAA rules, Texas and Massachusetts.  Just wanted to let people know why the play was called back. .
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Timpview vs Westlake 2010

Well this has become the game of the week in 4A.  Westlake is undefeated as are we and this will be a good game.  Many are saying they are the team that will knock us from our perch of dominance in the region.  Watching film on them their QB Ursua is the one that will really hurt us if he gets into scramble mode as he makes plays happen with his feet.  He also has a good group of receivers with #2 being the main one of the bunch. 

They look to be a well coached team and aggressive as well.  I am looking forward to a good battle in this game.  I don’t think the score will be anywhere similar to last year’s but I do feel that we will win.  We have experience in a tough game against a tough team like Alta so I think that will be the difference.  It will still be fun and this probably is the battle for the region championship.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Timpview beats Orem 51-14

Well we won but we still haven't played a complete game.  In fact it was 17-14 in the 3rd before we responded with 34 straight points to win.  Colby jorgensen had a pick 6 which was the play that broke the game open putting us up 31-14 and from that point on the defense kept the pressure on.

We can't do this against teams in the playoffs because we might not be able to come back from it.  Well we gotta take care of business and get to work.  It is now a bye week and now on to Westlake.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Timpview Sophomores win 36 to 0

Well tonight Timpview's sophomore team won 36-0.  We did a good job tonight getting a push on the line and were able to punch the ball in rushing and even throwing.  It was a very good win including the defense getting the shut out.  The kids get tomorrow off then Monday film.  It will be a fun film to watch.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Timpview vs Orem

Well we have Orem this week and it should be a good game.  It is a rivalry game and so the emotions will be high.  This season for an offensive attack Orem has gone to the spread and is trying to establish their run game more.  This should be a good game as they have traditionally been a physical team.  We will see how the young guys do tomorrow against this team and I am looking forward to us getting another win.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Post about the Timpview Sophomore Team

Well I have decided to post about the Sophomore team and their game last Thursday.  Playing the Mountain View sophomore team we were able to win 56-7.  We had over 300 yards rushing and 5 rushing TD's and then threw for 3 TD's and over 200 yards.  It was all in all a great experience.

We did a really good blocking, but like always there are things that can obviously be worked on.  As for the defense, they had a really good game except for a moment where we had double personal fouls assessed which helped lead to the only score of the game.

We were the more physical team and it showed as we flew around the ball and worked on getting down field to help block on plays.  We will be a good team in a couple years just give us time.  This week we have Orem and I think we can get the job done against them as well.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Timpview Beats Mountain View 51-14

Well it wasn't the prettiest of halves but we did go into the half 16-7.  We came out flat and probably overlooked this team.  It is hard after the big win over Alta last week but we need to stay focused because this is when the games matter for seeding in playoffs.

We need to remember that we are going to get teams best at the start and we can't come out flat or else we could find ourselves at the wrong end of a score.

We did come back in the second half and were able to establish ourselves throwing and running in the second half and had some players step up especially after injuries in the game.  We will be ok and maybe this was the best thing for these kids, reminds them that they are mortal as a team and also not to overlook anyone.  Next up is Orem and they would love to knock us off.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Timpview Beats Alta 41-27

Oh what a game that was.  It was so fun to be at.  It was a battle of two really really good teams.  We got down early 14-0 came back scored then blocked a fg.  We then threw an int and went down 20-7 with about a minute twenty left in the half.  We drove 80 yards for a td helped by a late hit penalty and scored to go into the half 20-14.

Second half we came out firing on offense and drove down though we missed a fg.  Alta then fumbled next possession we throw a td on a corner route.  Alta responds with a td drive and we drive for a 2 yd td run.  Next Alta possession we get the stop we need a pick by our corner.  Very next play our QB puts a beautiful pass out in front of him and the receiver lays out for a 22 yard td pass to put is in front permanently.

We got a huge 4th down stop where the receiver was stopped a half yard short and then took an 18 play drive to salt away the win.  We had a big 4th and 1 play we converted and a huge 3rd down play.  To cap it off we intercepted another pass and knelt to end the game.  Sorry this isn't the best post but I wanted to put this down while I still have the adrenaline going.  Oh what a great great and fun game that was!!!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Opening Night of College Football

Unfortunately tonight I will probably miss some games since I will be at the young guy's game.  However I hope to get home and watch the end of the Utah/Pitt game.  I think this will be a good game but also a tough game for Pitt.  Utah always plays tough at home and they want to prove that the decision to put them in the Pac-10 was a correct decision.

The other game I want to see is also the Hawaii/USC game.  You have to wonder how USC will do this season, they still have talent and am sure they will win this game.  But you do wonder how they will look when it is all said and done tonight.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Timpview vs Alta

Well this week we play probably the toughest opponent our schedule right now.  Of course things can change as the season goes on but right now I think this will be a great test.  We play Alta High School football this week after they have played Bingham high school.

Having gone and watched the game on Saturday, they played the 5th ranked high school in the country pretty tough for almost 3 quarters until Bingham was able to break the game open.  We need to really be at our best this week because they won't take it easy on us.  They have speed and are big so it should be a physical game.

This is a team that usually is included with us and Bingham in talking about the top teams of the state.  To give you an idea, this is a program that has played in 3 of the last 4 state championships winning 2 and at least been to the semifinals in another year.

We have a lot of firepower so I think we can get the job done but I don't expect a blowout.  If we can get up on em early that might make em press and that might change the game.  Likewise if they were to do the same to us.  Either way I expect a good battle.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Can You Say If You Are This Player's Coach?

Seriously, this has to be one of the craziest plays to watch.  Just makes you wonder what the kid was thinking when this play happened?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture from Last Night's Game

Here is a picture from last night's game as we run a screen play.  #55 is a 3 year starter for us, that is the player who is blocking.  He has played both guard, tackle and also defensive tackle.  Gotta love a picture where the big man is driving through a guy.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Timpview Beats Highland of Idaho

Well tonight we played a very good Highland team.  They are one of the top programs in Idaho and all I have to say is wow.  We played nearly a flawless first half.  Did have one fumble on a punt but our offense didn't punt all night with the first team.  We won 45-12 and sent a message that we will be a tough team to beat and that a 5th straight title is a real possibility.

Enjoy tonight next week is Alta and they will be tough again.  This is going to be a fun season.

Timpview 2-0 on the season so far.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Timpview vs Highland of Pocatello Idaho

This week we play Highland High School from Pocatello Idaho. It is the former high school of Merrill Hoge current ESPN analyst. This is a school that is usually a very good team. They just seem to constantly rebuild and are coached very well.

Last year we beat them by 7 and it was also the game where we lost Bronson Kaufusi for the season. It will be an interesting game as it it our second game and this is their first game of the year. They run the spread as well and do a very good job with combo routes to get someone open.

Their QB from last year does return so having a senior QB always helps, especially a 2 year starter. So it will be a good game. I think the advantage does come to us in the sense that we return more starters and players that got a lot of playing time last year. Plus they do have to make a trip down to us, they have been to Utah lots but never as far south as we are location. Anyway this should be a good game, you will know the result by tomorrow night.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Preseason Timpview Football Video

I had attempted to put this video up yesterday of a pre-season video I did for this 2010 season.  However I ran into some issues but was able to upload the video on my Facebook.  Here is the 2010 Timpview Pre-Season video for your viewing pleasure.  We did win the first game of the season btw

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Wild Finish to Cottonwood Vs Alta

A month ago I wrote about the passing of a coach while on vacation.  Last night his team played one of the top teams in the state Alta High School.  The game was back in forth in the 1st half but leading 21-14 with less than 3 minutes left in the game Alta lined up to kick a field goal that would all but put the game out of reach.

What ensued the following 3 minutes is what makes High School football so awesome.  The Cottonwood kids dedicated this season to Teko, makes you almost wonder if he wasn't watching out for them from above.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

First Game Down Timpview Beats Pleasant Grove

Well it was a good game, we made some mistakes and had way way too many penalties.  However we played really well can correct those things and came away the winners 24 to 7.  Christian Covey played well as QB and Zac Hayward had many great catches for the team.  We didn't have a ton of big plays but we were methodical and were able to drive the ball on many long drives.

Defense was up to the task and played well though there was a lapse for one drive.  All in all it is a good night and we are in good shape for the rest of the season.  Always helps to win the first game of the season it sets the tone.
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First Game of the Year

Tonight the 2010 season officially starts.  Timpview vs Pleasant Grove at 7 at PG high school.  Already excited can't wait to see how we do.  It's time to go have some fun.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hall of Fame Induction Speeches

Yesterday the class of 2010 joined their brothers in entering the NFL Hall of Fame.  The 2 big names for the ceremony was the NFL's leading rusher Emmitt Smith and Greatest Receiver Jerry Rice.  One of the most important themes that I heard yesterday while listening to the men speak was their loyalty to their teammates.  Their love of the game and how they enjoyed the time they played.

In one of the most touching moments last night Emmitt Smith broke down and thanked the man that led him through so many holes in the run game Daryl "Moose" Johnston

I think it is important to remember that these men will create bonds with those that they play with for the rest of their lives.  Same as the bond that you receive as a coach with the players that you teach.  For you kids out there still playing enjoy your time as it can end fast.
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Hall of Fame Game Tonight

Well the NFL Pre Season is here.  It will be interesting to see how long the starters are in for the game.  I wonder if Cincinnati tries to get the ball to Owens for him to stick it to the Cowboys.

This is always the time of year where you get to see players get their chance to make an impression so that they can make the roster.  I wonder which players will start to stand out and be future pro bowlers that others haven't ever heard of when they were drafted.

It's here football season is starting excellent!!!
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Crazy Trick Play Run By Steve Spurrier

I think this is the first and only time I have ever seen this trick play from the 1993 Sugar Bowl vs West Virginia.  I don't know if I would ever run this play but it is basically the star burst kickoff return during a play.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I Am Learning About Play Calling

So this coming season I am looking to try and take a more active role and start calling the offensive plays for the Sophomore Team.  As we have been doing the workouts I have started to learn a very important point while calling offensive plays.

That is the importance of setting up your plays by running other plays.  Coach Bateman has helped by pointing out the need to set up other plays to start running them and then coming back and running a play that compliments it to allow for success.  If you are looking to be a successful offensive coordinator you need to recognize how you set up your offense.  Looking forward to this season, I am extremely excited to see what happens this year.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's that time of year

Here we go with a video clip from ESPN set to Kenny Chesney's new song.  The boys of fall are starting.  Football season is here!!!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Passing of a Fellow Coach

I had meant to post this story sooner but this week a fellow coach passed away while on vacation with his family.  I had the opportunity to coach against this gentleman, and in fact had contacted him at the same time I had contacted Timpview.  Of course we know where I ended up but I felt I could learn things from this coach as well.

Teko Johnson was a coach that was known to rebuild programs.  Coming back to Utah from back east he had rebuilt programs there.  In fact his first year at Mountain View he took a program that had won 1 game and took them to the quarterfinals of the playoffs.  In his 3 years at Mountain View he took the program to the playoffs and restored some pride to the school.

He was always a class act with our coaches and never complained about our program and how dominant we have been.  He had just taken over Cottonwood high school a team we beat a couple years back and was excited for the season.

Despite all his success as a coach the most telling about what kind of man he was were the comments made by that played and worked for him:
“He was everything to the team,” said Bronson Taylor, who played for Mountain View in 2006.
He turned the program not by yelling, but by teaching.
He had a strict policy that forbade swearing, and former players insist he almost never yelled.
Players were comfortable sending him text messages seeking advice.
“He had a quiet confidence about him,” said Jon Snyder, who was promoted to head coach at Mountain View when Johnson left.
My sympathies to the Johnson family and wish them the best as they get over this tragedy.

Again if you are looking to get in coaching I will say it again.  What kind of coach do you want to be?  How do you want your players to remember you?  Remember you are helping shape the lives of the youth and more than anything else you will help make a lasting impression that could last for generations.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Of College Football's Most Amazing Plays

Here is a video of some of the best college football plays over the year near the end of games.  Where it allows the team to win sometimes in the last second.  How many of these moments did you get to see live??

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Monday, July 19, 2010

How About This For a Pre-Game Pump Up for a Football Game

Here is a video from Katy Football as a football player does a flip into the huddle of his teammates.  I dunno as a coach how I would feel with a player doing this before a game but hey it looks cool.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is Too Sad

This is a player that I got a chance to coach against 3 years ago.  He was one of the highest rated players coming out of the state of Utah and was a Parade All American.  He decided to go to University of Colorado and is now facing legal issues.  He has since been dismissed from the team and is now facing all this trouble.  Just sad to see this happen to someone with so much potential.
Four months after being sentenced to six months of work release and three years of probation for violating the conditions of a deferred sentence he received for his involvement in a 2008 fight, former University of Colorado linebacker Lynn Katoa has been arrested again.

Katoa, 21, is being held on $2,500 bond at the Boulder County Jail on new third-degree assault and probation violation charges after police say he head-butted a former teammate early Sunday outside Shooters Grill and Bar at 1801 13th St. in Boulder.

Read more:
 I do hope that he can turn his life around
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sports Illustrated: Is Football Too Dangerous?

This was a recent article in Sports Illustrated that once again brings up the question whether football is too dangerous for kids.  Because of recent studies this has become a constant question that is being asked each year about whether football is safe.
If we could say without reproach, "Playing football leads to concussions which lead to brain injury which lead to depression, substance abuse and worse'' then we could do more about it than we're doing now. Now, as parents we ask, "Should I let my son play football?''
It's not a new question. It's just more in focus. We're better at recognizing it. "The MRI didn't come into use until the early 1980s,'' said Dr. Francesco Mangano, a neurologist at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati. "Before that, we only had X-rays.'' X-rays don't show an injured brain.
In the next several weeks, tens of thousands of kids in this country will suit up and start football practice. The vast majority never will suffer the same fate as Chris Henry. That doesn't mean that the parents who sign their children's permission slips won't be white-knuckling it when their kids play.
 So does this mean that in the future football is going to be banned?  I know that there are chances of injuries that occur during football.  I just wonder why football is always picked on when it comes to a sport.  Children can get hurt while skateboarding and skating that can lead to injuries to children, should that be banned?  I dunno we do need to be safer with helping preventing kids from suffering injuries but what can we do, lock them in a room so they don't get hurt?  There are a lot of life lessons a child can learn from football, were the sport to be eliminated I fear they would lose out.
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sue the League if Your Kid Gets Cut

I have now seen it all.  I fear for the future of sports because unfortunately I doubt this will be a one time occurrence.  Out of Canada comes the story of two hockey players which were cut from a team whose parents are suing the league.

Vito Valela and David Longo are both suing on behalf of their sons, Christopher and Daniel respectively. Besides the GTHL, Avalanche Minor Sports president Anthony Iantorno as well as team officials Doriano Pistarelli, Andy Vandenberk, Felice Guglielmi and Peter Posca are named as defendants in the action.

“Their direct actions have caused irreparable psychological damage to Daniel Longo’s self esteem as an impressionable teenager and demoralized Daniel as an athlete and team hockey player with his peers,” the Longo statement of claim reads. “The conduct by all defendants destroyed the dignity of my son, whom in good conscience gave his team nothing but his best efforts.”
Wow what a great lesson being taught by the parents.  So you didn't get on the team way to throw a fit.  The parents here are a joke doing this, but unfortunately if they win I can see this becoming a common occurrence.  I just can't understand why people are turning this direction.  Soon a coach will have to have lawyers with him on the sidelines for practices, tryouts, and such for sworn affidavits to protect themslves from over zealous parents that think their kid is the next big star.

Vito Valela and David Longo you should be ashamed of yourselves.  You are the parents, yet are acting like spoiled children.  Way to be the mature ones here. 
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quite the Mercy Rule

While checking out the Coach Huey Forum a coach posted a news story with a new twist on the mercy rule.  A soccer league in Canada initially was planning to have a rule where if you won by more than 5 goals then you automatically lost.  Here is the initial story from June 1st.
In yet another nod to the protection of fledgling self-esteem, an Ottawa children’s soccer league has introduced a rule that says any team that wins a game by more than five points will lose by default.
The Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer league’s newly implemented edict is intended to dissuade a runaway game in favour of sportsmanship. The rule replaces its five-point mercy regulation, whereby any points scored beyond a five-point differential would not be registered.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Passing of John Wooden

Well by now it is big news that John Wooden has passed on.  He is probably the greatest coach to ever be on the sideline of any sport.  10 National championships at one school I doubt will ever happen again.  To be honest I think every coach or want to be coach should take lessons from this man to learn how to be a better coach.

Here are some of the ESPN specials on John Wooden.

A great man, and to be honest it is another example of why do you want to coach?  Is it for the glory or is it to help make a difference in young mens lives?  I'll be honest if I can be remembered by those young men I coach later on in their lives then my life will be complete.  Those players that talk about John Wooden in the video is how I would like to be remembered.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday Night Lights

No I am not talking about the movie or TV show.  I am talking about an activity that Coach Wong has done for a few years now to build team unity.

Players wear either their home or away jersey and their dates wear the opposite jersey.  The boys bring their dates to the football field and proceed to go through a mini practice.  The players take them through our warm up, stretch, then take them through different drills.

After that session the players then get 15 minutes with their dates to divide them into offense and defense and run through some plays.  Then the girls will play a whole flag football game.  Four 15 minute quarters and a half.  They play late enough so that the lights have to be turned on hence the name Friday Night Lights.  After the game the kids have dinner and mingle with the girls of course getting to eat first.

It is actually a really fun event as the girls and players have fun with the game.  What is funny to watch is how intense the players and girls get during the game.  I have seen some of the girls just take each other out.  Might be some good linebackers out there playing.  Of course as coaches we help make sure that the event runs smoothly and that dinner is ready.

The purpose of the event is to let the girls see what goes on with football practice.  The players are to ask girls from Timpview as it is also to build up that school unity and spirit.  I really like the event and believe that in the future I will incorporate it should I leave to another program.

What other events do some of you coaches do out there with your teams?  I would love to hear what you do.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why You Play Until the Clock Hits 00:00

This is a popular clip on Youtube of the ending to a basketball game.  Watch as the home team celebrates what they think is a winning shot.  People storm the court to celebrate with the players but they forget that there are still 0.6 seconds left on the clock.  By not even defending they allow the visiting team to get the ball to almost half court and take a shot.

Always Always make sure there is no time left on the clock.  Anything can happen at the end of a game.  Don't celebrate winning too early.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Excited for the Coming Season

Well I am excited for this coming football season.  For those that don't know this Senior class were the sophomore's a couple years ago.  I wrote a little about our experience at Price Camp with them and how we weren't sure about how that season was going to turn out.

At that time we as coaches weren't sure how how many games we would win.  We thought we might not win many at all.  That year they ended up winning all but 1 game.  Last year same for them they lost 1 game as well barely losing to Alta.  This from a team with a majority of players that didn't win a single game as 8th graders.

Well now we are at full strength as any sophomores that were playing up are now with this team.  I think we have the potential to be a really really really good team.  Coach Clark told me yesterday he is excited for the coming season as it is gonna take a lot of coaching of these kids.  We replace all 6 DB's from last years team so a lot of opportunity for these kids to step up and play this coming year.  When you have the opportunity to teach kids and coach them up there is nothing more satisfying than seeing them succeed.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smart Football: Evolution of the Spread

Smart Football a blog written by Chris Brown is considered by many to be a pretty dang good expert on football and different schemes.  In his latest blog entry he posted 3 different videos and talked about the evolution of the spread from 2000 to now.

The first video is from the 1999 season.  I was out of the country that year so I missed out on that football season.

Next two videos are from Oregon and Chip Kelly.  Chris feels that Kelly and Malzahn at Auburn are the next to be the big time innovators of the spread.

How is that for irony, after Tony Franklin's run at Auburn now Malzahn is loved.  Makes you kind of wonder if it wasn't the head coach that was holding back that offense there.

As you watch the clips notice that there is more that Oregon does compared to Clemson in terms of personnel and plays.  But it is only part of the natural process of offenses.

Check out Smart Football to see some of his thoughts on the video that you can see.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lining the Running Back a Yard Further Back From the Line

So this coming season we are moving our backs a yard further from the line of scrimmage.  Reason we are doing this is because we feel it will allow our backs to get their shoulders more towards the line of scrimmage while we are running inside zone.  I like the move as I think it will allow our kids to get to the line in a more downhill style and might give a little bit more time for the blocks to develop.  We'll find out when the season starts.

What has been the experience of other coaches in dealing with the backs a yard further back in their alignment to the QB.  Please let me know so I can share it with our running backs coach.  Frank Henderson is the one who pushed for it and he really gave good reasons for doing so.  Well the season couldn't get here faster.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is It Wrong to Be Happy Kentucky Lost?

So is it bad of to be happy that Kentucky lost this weekend?  I don't have any real hatred of Kentucky from the past but I am just glad that they lost and I feel that there is justice in the world.  

So why am I happy that they lost?  It has all to do with their coach John Calipari.  Why the coach you might ask?  I feel that John Calipari has gotten away with too much as a college coach.  Here is a guy who led two programs to Final Four appearances only to have them vacated for violations.  Each time the NCAA found that there was no wrong-doing by Coach Calipari but you have to be kidding.  You are telling me that the head coach of a Division 1 program didn't know all that was happening with his program?  One time maybe but twice?  C'mon there is a pattern there of doing what it takes to win.  

I'm sorry but this is one of the reasons people believe college sports is a problem and that the NCAA is weak.  Coach Calipari in my opinion needs to receive some form of punishment.  Why can a coach leave a program in shambles and nothing happens to him?  However I doubt it will come until maybe Kentucky is found with violations??

Let's compare him to Bobby Knight, the maligned former Head Coach of Indiana and Texas Tech.  Sure Bobby was a jerk on the court.  I am not saying to anyone to follow his coaching style as I don't agree with it.  But let's take count of how many kids he graduated from college?  How many NCAA violations did he have as a coach?  But people seem to have more of a problem with him than they do with Calipari who is getting schools in trouble.

Well these are my thoughts, I know as a coach I really shouldn't blast anyone else but I think that coaches need to start cleaning up their ranks.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ready for Football Season

With all the colleges having their spring practices I am itching for football to get going.  I just want to be able to get out there with the kids and start running drills.  Uggh I am just driving myself crazy thinking about it.  Well I just wanted to write this quick note.  Football season is coming oh yeah!!!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A-11 Safer to Prevent Concussions??

So there is a new article on Rivals High about the A-11 offense claiming to offer safer benefits.  Why do they claim this?
The creators of the A-11 football offense have seen their new-age style of play both lauded and loathed in recent years. 

This winter - while talk of concussions, head trauma and overall safety is being examined at all levels of play - they are joining the discussion. Instead of selling the merits of a fast-paced everyone-eligible game based on skills instead of size, they are promoting a different aspect. 

It may be safer. 

Kurt Bryan, a co-creator of the offense and its biggest advocate, says his offense has inherent benefits that help minimize concussions and other injuries. 

"It is either a lucky coincidence or there are clear and defined benefits of running the A-11," Bryan said. 

His team, Piedmont (Calif.) High, has run the A-11 offense for 33 games but has yet to have a single major injury - as defined by an injury that causes a player to miss 21 days or more.
Wow that sure is proof.  33 games and no major injury.   That seals it, we better go to the A-11.  Nevermind that our most major injury from the last few seasons occurred with our DE chasing down a player from behind after he caught a screen pass from a spread offense.  Wait if the A-11 is more spread and out safe how did that happen to our player?
Then you have a football guru on the internet who has a quote attributed to him that pissed off many coaches I know.
John T. Reed, who has authored 18 books on sports, including the widely respected "Football Clock Management", spoke on behalf of the A-11 at a recent meeting to ban the offense by the California Interscholastic Federation. 

Reed, who has his criticisms of the offense, does see health-conscious reasons for running the uniquely spread-out attack. 

"I think the health benefits outweigh the criticisms of the offense," Reed said. "It is a moral outrage for football coaches to get kids to violate medical advices."
 Well I have never put a player back into a game without talking to a trainer first.  In fact none of our coaches have.  I've had players come up to me and say they are clear to go back in and instead go check with the trainer before I let the kid in the game don't generalize me John.  I have my own feelings about the A-11 and I just think coaches are tired of the constant marketing by Kurt Bryan about this offense.  But this article about the A-11 being safer is a load of crap to me, but that is just my own thoughts.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congrats to Timpview Basketball State Champs 2010

State Champions in 4A for the State of Utah!!!  They won 55-43 to clinch a title in the same year as the football team.  Proud of those players and yeah 3 of the starters return next year.  Next year will be a very interesting season!!!
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Timpview vs Mountain Crest for State Basketball 2010

Well Christian Covey (starting QB next year) hit the game winning 3 last night with no time left in the game to send Timpview on to the state championship vs Mountain Crest.  Should be an interesting game and hope my T-Birds win but we will see what happens.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Timpview Men's Basketball in State Semifinals Tonight

Even though I just coach football for right now, many of our players from the State Championship football team are playing in the game tonight.  They play Highland of SLC in the semifinals and if they win could play our crosstown rivals Provo in the state championship game.  I am really proud of this team, they have made this run without Bronson Kaufusi (lost to injury) who could be a D-1 basketball player in addition to football.  I will be watching the game tonight and wish these players the best.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Speed on Defense

One thing that I really like about our defense is that we go more for speed on defense.  To play on our defense you have to be a runner never stopping till the play is over.  Other coaches that have seen our game film are impressed with our defense all being by the ball as the play ends.  We drill that with our defense like crazy, they all have to run to the ball.

Some look at our defensive line especially this last season and you might have thought how are these guys stopping the run game?  We weren't super big up front but we used proper technique and were faster than opposing lines allowing us to get off the ball quicker and control the line.

Many times we would play teams that had big huge guys on the line but weren't quick to the ball.  You would see on our offense where our team would run away from these players that if they were quicker would have been able to stop a big play from happening.

Were I to take over a defense the first rule is find those that are able to be fast on defense and run to the ball. If you want to play on the defensive side of the ball for me, then you need to be persistent in running to the ball at all times.
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3 Best Run Plays

If someone were to ask me what our three best run plays are I would say inside zone, outside zone, and counter.  Personally I love when we run QB counter, it's probably one of our best plays and fun to watch when run correctly.

I already posted about the inside zone so I figured I should talk about the outside zone and counter.  Here is a 5 minute video regarding running the outside zone and counter.  The video quality isn't the best, but watch how the O-line does with the double teams and getting their hips around in front of the blocker.  Unfortunately you can't hear the sound of the coaching points.

I hope that the first thing you notice is how there are a lot of cutback lanes with the outside zone.  This is because the defense starts to run hard to the outside allowing there to be cutback lanes.  The most important blocks for this play to succeed is the Guard/Tackle combo play side.  As they take their steps it is important that the O-line take a nice lateral step to try and hook around the defender to open the outside for the back.  If the defender has beaten them to the outside, then the line will just push the defender to the sideline.

Play side OG and OT work in combination to block both the play side DE and LB in the play.  As they both step together whatever the DE does will tell them who is coming off to backer.  The clip shows various times where the OG steps over and bumps the OT off to the backer; while the OT takes the DE out and the OG steps up to the LB in other clips.  The aiming point for the back is the butt of the tackle.  Our RB coach teaches the backs that as they are running this play if he sees opposing helmet on the outside of the OT then he cuts up.  If opposing helmet is inside of OT then take it to the outside.

Another key to successful OZ is getting the defensive players to run with you.  Staying engaged and having them run actually will open up those running lanes that will allow your back to find a lane and hit it hard.  As you see in the video there were times when even pro players over ran the zone allowing for more yards to be gained.  From what I have heard a lot of teams prefer to run outside zone first then go to inside zone once they have the defense over pursuing.

As you watch the counter, notice that the pulling players are trying to get to outside of the line and lead up for the back.  However also notice that the pulling players don't allow a defensive player to cross their face.  You have plays where the pulling players don't make it to the end of the line but pick up the opposing player to allow the back to run.

Key to this play is that the back follow the second pulling player through the hole.  Once through the hole, the back then leaves the tackle and runs to daylight.  We don't run counter exactly the way it is shown in the video but I will write more about that later.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Building a High School Program

As many who frequent this blog know, I have been really really lucky to be a part of the Timpview High School program.  In my opinion, it is probably one of the best run programs I have ever seen and that has been the reason for our success (Coach Wong has seen this blog so I gotta do a little butt kissing, I kid I kid).

One of the things though that has stood out to me is how this program is built.  If I were to take over a program I would institute many of things that we do at Timpview immediately.  Yesterday is a great example of how we foster camaraderie amongst the players and coaches.  Yesterday we had the annual bowling contest.  Coach Wong takes the players to a local bowling alley, pays for two games and shoes per person and the players compete.  The top 4 players end up playing the top 4 coaches in a final game.  I had one of the top 4 coaches scores but I stunk it up in the final game.  I mean really stunk it up, I was a liability to the other coaches.  However the others had enough game to once again beat the players (to date, the players have yet to beat the coaches).

After the games were over, Coach Wong then took all the coaches to a local Brazilian all you can eat BBQ restaurant.  We sat around the table talking and laughing it up which in turns makes us closer as a coaching staff.  This closeness is very important come season time and playoffs as the coaches and players trust one another.  So as I said, this is something that I would institute were I to take over a program or suggest to a new program I would be participating in.  Building your program is more than just X's and O's.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Platooning Part 2

I wrote a post in Aug. of last year about how I was sold on platooning.  Well after this last 2009 season and state title I am sold on it even more.  Let me explain a few reasons why last year sold it even more for me.

At the start of the 2009 year we had questions on offense about our starting QB.  In fact first couple games of the season we were rotating QB's (Trevor Brown and Jeremiah Burr) as we tried to figure out the starter.  In the first game of the year we lost our starting back and had to move one of the QB's to the running back position.  Here was a kid that had no experience playing running back and was placed into the starting job immediately.  As the year progressed and he kept getting reps and reps he got better and better and was significant in our title run.

In the second game of the year we lost Bronson Kaufusi an Under Armour All American/ESPN Top150 player for the entire season.  Most teams would crumble losing a player like that.  However once again because of the reps those players who replaced him stepped their games up and got better as the season progressed.

Finally in the 4th game of the year we went into the game seriously banged up on the defensive front 7.  We were out 5 of our starting front 7 and then during the game lost another starter to be down to basically our 4th string backer.  We were thrusting young sophomores into a varsity game against a running team.  Sure we gave up 21 points in the game but we won by 20 and were able to get multiple defensive stops during the game.  Because of this these kids this coming year have game experience and will be better this coming season.

Why do I share these stories?  Well it's because those are just some of the reasons I am sold on platooning.  This team this coming season does have a chance at a 5-peat.  One of the things about this coming season that is interesting is that this will be the first group that will have at least 3 years mastering a position compared to other kids which have had two positions to worry about.  Which kid do you think will be better in a game?

I am not saying you have to platoon but I have seen so many coaches blow it off immediately without giving it a total thought.  So think about platooning and some of the reasons that platooning could work for you.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

29 Seniors Signed to Play College Football

Reading this story on ESPN I was impressed that this school was able to get so many kids an opportunity to play football but also get them help to attend college and get their education.  This story is one of the reasons I got involved with coaching football, I want to help develop young men and make a difference in their lives.

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- In a world of misplaced priorities and snap judgments, it's easy to dismiss Stephenson High School as the program that can't win a state championship.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Increasing the March Madness Field is a Bad Idea

So I guess the most recent talk has been to increase the March Madness field to 96 teams.  My first question to that is why?  What is wrong with the way it is currently?  96 teams to me seems to be so much and really how do you determine who the next 32 teams should be?  Should teams with losing records be allowed into the field since they play a tough schedule?  Gene Wojciechowski I think best sums it up in his article on the matter on why the current field of 65 is just right.
Yes, of course, we should absolutely expand the NCAA men's basketball tournament to 96 teams. And while we're at it, let's rework the opening of Clapton's "Layla," tell Penelope Cruz she needs a nip and tuck, and replace all the azaleas and pines at Augusta National with strip-club signage.
Some things are perfect just the way they are. Or near-perfect. The NCAA tournament is one of those things.
[+] EnlargeUNC Final Four
AP Photo/Eric GayAn expanded tournament would dilute the achievements of national champions such as North Carolina last year.
Not so perfect are the NCAA power brokers who are pushing hard (and a bit too stealthily) for tournament expansion, from 65 teams to as many as 96. This makes as much sense as other landmark NCAA decisions, such as players not getting a single dime from the $6 billion tournament ATM.
As always, follow the money. Because if the power brokers get their way, this will have everything to do with dollar signs and nothing to do with the aesthetics and symmetry of the tournament. If it were about the tournament itself, March Madness would already have been declared a national landmark and protected from hack-job overhauls.
But the NCAA, which has a long history of making really dumb decisions, is thinking about wholesale renovation. It wants a teardown when all the tournament really needs is a little more closet space.
I don't get it. What's not to love about the current version of the tournament?
It lasts the perfect length of time (three weeks), with the perfect pacing (regional games on Thursday and Saturday, or Friday and Sunday), with the perfect three-day pause between Selection Sunday and the full beginning of the first round, and another three-day gap between the Sweet 16 and the fistfight to reach the Final Four.
It features prominent versus unknown, big versus small, urban versus rural.
It gives any team with an actual chance to win the national championship … well, an actual chance.
Expanding to 96 teams would be like aiming a fire hose at a glass of Dom Perignon. It would dilute it beyond recognition. It would ruin it.
[+] EnlargeMike Silve
AP Photo/Tom StrattmanMike Slive, chairman of the 2009 selection committee, was grilled in a teleconference about last year's pairings. Isn't it hard enough to figure out a 65-team bracket?
The NCAA tournament needs another 31 teams like D.C. needs more snow right now. If the point is to make the tournament better, adding borderline programs to the Madness accomplishes nothing. An elegant, compelling three-week miniseries suddenly becomes bloated, contrived and artificial.
If it were up to me, and not the chancellors and university presidents on the Division I board of directors, I'd tweak rather than demolish. I'd get rid of the ridiculously demeaning single play-in game and instead add the next three most deserving teams on the selection committee's tournament bubble. Expand to 68 teams and draw a line in the hardwood floor. No more.
Look, there's a reason God invented the National Invitation Tournament. The NIT is for teams that belong in the Little Dance, not the Big Dance. Increasing the field to 96 teams would create a shotgun wedding between NIT-quality teams and NCAA tournament-quality programs.
You think some iffy teams get in these days? Wait until you see what kind of basketball sludge would make it into a 96-team format. We're talking power conference teams with, what, 6-12 conference records? We're talking teams with cotton ball-soft strength of schedules. We're talking about Timex passing for Rolex.
The opening round would be a disaster area of "Who's That?" versus "What's Their Names?" The top 32 teams would get a bye, so you'd get a thrilling No. 33 versus No. 96 opening-week matchup. That's not drama; that's the Sun Belt Conference tournament semis.
Half of the fun of the NCAAs is figuring out who gets in and who gets left out. Expand to 96 and Bracketology becomes a minor, not a major. Joe Lunardi will be on the streets.
Exclusion isn't always a bad thing. It creates drama. It gives the long regular season more meaning. There's something at stake.
A field of 96 creates Zzzzzzzzzzzzs. It reduces the regular season to a seeding contest. Plus, do we really think the 96th team in the field has any realistic chance of winning more than one game? After all, no No. 16 seed has ever beaten a No. 1 seed.
NCAA Empty Seats
AP Photo/Dave MartinThis is about how many people might show up for a first-round game between the 96th seed and the No. 1 team.
The possibility of expansion didn't happen by accident. It happened because the NCAA can opt out of the final three years of its 11-year deal with CBS. A summer deadline looms.
So there are two moving parts in the debate. There's the issue of format: Does it makes sense to expand from 65 to 96? And then there's the real issue: Does it make dollars and cents to expand from 65 to 96?
Coaches generally love expansion because it gives them an easier path to the tournament. The more tournament appearances, the more job security.
And sure, more players would get a chance to extend their seasons. For one or two games, tops.
But from a practical standpoint, the present format is nearly flawless. So leave it alone. At the very least, don't use a jackhammer when a small chisel will do.
As for the financial side of it, someone at the NCAA needs to take a business course or call Warren Buffett. Since when do you offer one-of-a-kind basketball oceanfront property on the cheap?
Always sell high, not low. That's what the NFL does. It understands the value of its product, waits until the economic timing is right and then opens the bidding.
Meanwhile, the NCAA is considering an opt-out during the middle of a recession. How shrewd.
I say leave near-perfection -- and our 64-team office-pool brackets -- alone. For once, follow the logic, not the money.
So the NCAA wants to expand March Madness but can't do a playoff for Division 1 football?  I really do hope they don't do this expansion, after awhile it is too much.
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