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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Switching to offensive line

We have had some changes within our coaching staff. No surprise right? I mean most of the times programs that have a ton of success are gonna get poached for other programs. Our Safeties/D-Coordinator (Jason Walker) has left to take over Westlake High School a new program here in Utah. Going with him is the other O-line coach, (Bruce Pitcher) to help run the O-line just as we do here at Timpview. Both are great coaches and I am confident that they will have Westlake turned into a power program. With all the growth that area is experiencing I look to see that school become a powerhouse in Utah.

Since Bruce is leaving, I am the only other coach besides Coach Wong that knows any of the blocking schemes or some of the drills to run for the O-line. Coach Wong has decided to move me over to the O-line to help the sophomores out and will bring in a new D-line coach for the sophomores. So if anyone checking my blog out has questions don't hesitate to ask me questions. as I get going into the drills that we do for our offensive line. Remember in the last 3 years we have sent 4 O linemen on to college to play D-1 ball. X committed to UCLA on National TV.
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