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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coaching at Snow College

In the past month there has been a big change come up in my life.  Earlier this month I interviewed for the Tight End coaches position at Snow College.  Last week I was offered the position and accepted.  Less than a year after moving back to Oregon I am returning to Utah as a football coach at a JC.  I pondered over taking this job and I came to realize this would be a good step for my goal of coaching at higher levels.  Snow is a top junior college program in the country and sends quite a few players on to D-1 schools.  One great thing I will get to do is go out and recruit players, something I am looking forward to.

I am excited and thankful that this opportunity opened up for me.  I am also thankful for Coach Riley welcoming into his staff this last season on such short notice.  He and the rest of his staff are good men who I hold high respect for.  This was just a chance that came up I had to take.  I want to thank everyone that has helped me as I have worked as a coach.  Without them this opportunity wouldn't be possible.
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