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Monday, January 18, 2010

American Samoa: Football Island

Recently 60 minutes did a piece on American Samoa and the effects of football there. Currently 30 Samoans in the NFL and 200 at the D1 level. Here at Timpview we have been blessed to have some Polynesian players help us out. But here is the video for you to watch.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boy was I wrong

Well I thought TCU was going to win their game last night against Boise State. I was so wrong it wasn't even funny. Boise State did a great job had a great game plan and came out and won the game. No excuses they were just the better team last night against TCU.

That is why you play the game for a reason. Everyone thought TCU was the better team and they didn't get it done. Congrats on the perfect season Boise State.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

TCU vs Boise State

Quick Thoughts on the game tonight. TCU I think will win this game. I don't know though as I haven't been at any of the practices. This should be an interesting game as either team really is playing for their conference bragging rights. Which non AQ conference is the best. A win here and this really helps the Mountain West in the eval period.

BTW I enjoyed Morning Joe today as he forgot I guess that TCU beat Clemson which beat a SEC team in this bowl season. Anyway I don't have much more to say just that I hope this is a good game.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thoughts on the Sugar Bowl

Well compared to the Rose Bowl this BCS game was to me dull.  I am not a fan of either team but wanted to see how Cincinnati would do with Brian Kelly gone.  How would Florida do with Urban Meyer's announcement??

Unfortunately for Cincinnati this was an embarrassing game.  Would it have made a difference that Brian Kelly was there?  Would it have mattered that the interim coach had been hired as the head coach?  Would it have mattered if Cincinnati was playing for the National Title??  I don't know to be honest with you.  I think that with all that happened at the end of the season there very well could have been a let down on Cincinnati's side.  You never know how a team will respond to such an emotional event.

Look at Florida, they came out on fire.  Is Florida that much better than Cincinnati?  Is the Big East that bad??  Where was the offense that was showing on the field tonight?  That defense was awesome; was the one suspended player for the SEC Championship Game that big a difference in this game?  Is the SEC just that far ahead of the other conferences?  Again I don't know.  One game does not give you the answer.

Take heart though Cincinnati, look at what has happened to Ohio State in the past.  Today they beat Oregon and won a BCS bowl.  Look to your future.  What happened yesterday is in the past.  I hope those underclassmen get to work to prove a point next year.

Florida, way to show up for this game.  You very easily could have had a letdown after not playing in the BCS National Championship but you didn't.  Gator fans the future is bright in Gainesville look out SEC.  But again where was this offense and defense against Alabama?  That could mean that Alabama is really really good and Texas could be in real trouble.

However you play the games on the field and never know what could happen during a game.  I would have liked to see how TCU stacked up against Florida during this game though.  But here's to the next BCS game and hopefully a non blow-out.
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Thoughts on the Rose Bowl

Well the Oregon Ducks lost to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.  Just a few quick thoughts:

  1. Ohio State's defensive line controlled the game from the outset.  Oregon just couldn't get their running game going for big plays.  Or control the line for the passing game.  It happens and unfortunately this just wasn't the right game to have this happen.
  2. Conversely, Ohio State's O line was able to get the running game going.  I don't think either team played exceptionally well but in the end Ohio State made the plays to win.
  3. Jim Tressel going outside his norm.  Taking chances and being aggressive in his play calling.  Came out throwing the ball more than usual and caught Oregon off guard.
  4. Oregon went a little conservative.  I didn't see some of the plays I have seen all year from the Ducks in games.  Where did those plays go to?  Was it that the front 4 for Ohio State controlled the line that well?  I don't know all the game planning so I will refrain from criticizing too much what happened in this game.  I just know I didn't see as wide open an offense I had seen in the past.
  5. The fumble out of the back of the end zone by Oregonwas a killer.  When that fumble occurred that really was a killer.  Most likely Oregon goes into the end zone and then just needs a field goal to win the game.
  6. Shots down field.  I don't know again all the game planning but it seemed like Ohio State was moving up focused to stop the run on certain downs.  Check to a play that allows you to take a shot down field.  I think if that had been done, Oregon forces Ohio State to have to pull back opening up the running lanes I think.
  7. Ohio State will be good in the future.  If Tressel lets Pryor play the way he did in the Rose Bowl?  Look out college football cause then Ohio State might have a chance again for the National Championship game.
I am not a college coach so I don't want to second guess too much the coaching decisions.  Like I said these are just my thoughts on the Rose Bowl.  I hope the National Championship game is a good one
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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Own Thoughts on the Mike Leach Scenario

After the week of this whole Mike Leach mess I have decided to put my own thoughts down just to remind myself.

  1. On the video: I am finding the timing of the video suspicious. 2 days after the suspension came out, after the reports starting coming out with video of the rooms all of a sudden Adam James video magically appears?? This after a lot of people have been criticizing the James over this incident. In my experience videos like this would break first before the story even based on it being on YouTube.
  2. The "Conspiracy": I don't know if this started out as a conspiracy. If it did then I would go after the James family and ESPN should fire Craig. However what I think happened is that Adam complained to his father. His father which many reports show as being the "little league" father doesn't like what he hears and this story escalated from there. I believe that this got out of hand and now has become a major major mess.
  3. The treating of concussions. Always defer to the trainer and so it is better to be safe then sorry. I wouldn't let a player in the game until the trainer told me personally that the kid was ok to play. But it appears that according to the trainers they were there for Adam James being able to eat ice and such.
  4. How quickly the media blasted Mike Leach. I don't know how many have tried coaching but to get players to do things they sometimes don't want to do is difficult. And it seems that now anything done with the kids will now be second guessed.
  5. The precedent this sets. On some of the football coaching boards I frequent the coach's say that this precedent now means they have to be uber careful in case something happens. You could look at a kid wrong and get fired is that what we are getting to?
  6. I have heard some say why not take away the scholarship?  Well if Craig James is running for office in TX that just creates a political issue that you don't want.
  7. The administration didn't back Mike Leach.  It is now well documented that they were wanting to fire Coach Leach.  Well now does that mean that anything?  No but I think it might have caused this problem to escalate even more.  
There is just such a whole slew of problems that this could have been avoided.  I just hope I never end up in that situation.

PS. I forgot the letter they wanted him to sign.  That was a lose lose situation in my opinion.  I know people said Mike Leach was arrogant but how many would sign a letter from your employer to admit your wrongdoing when it can be used against you for cause later?

Also, how many who are throwing Mike Leach under the bus have their jobs dependent on the performance of around 100 young men?  Yes I know that you choose this career, but still it is a tough job.  Take a step back and see how you would respond.

This is just going to get a whole lot uglier in the long run.
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