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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quite the Mercy Rule

While checking out the Coach Huey Forum a coach posted a news story with a new twist on the mercy rule.  A soccer league in Canada initially was planning to have a rule where if you won by more than 5 goals then you automatically lost.  Here is the initial story from June 1st.
In yet another nod to the protection of fledgling self-esteem, an Ottawa children’s soccer league has introduced a rule that says any team that wins a game by more than five points will lose by default.
The Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer league’s newly implemented edict is intended to dissuade a runaway game in favour of sportsmanship. The rule replaces its five-point mercy regulation, whereby any points scored beyond a five-point differential would not be registered.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Passing of John Wooden

Well by now it is big news that John Wooden has passed on.  He is probably the greatest coach to ever be on the sideline of any sport.  10 National championships at one school I doubt will ever happen again.  To be honest I think every coach or want to be coach should take lessons from this man to learn how to be a better coach.

Here are some of the ESPN specials on John Wooden.

A great man, and to be honest it is another example of why do you want to coach?  Is it for the glory or is it to help make a difference in young mens lives?  I'll be honest if I can be remembered by those young men I coach later on in their lives then my life will be complete.  Those players that talk about John Wooden in the video is how I would like to be remembered.
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