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Monday, September 14, 2009

First win of this season

Well our Sophomores finally won their first game of the year. We beat Mountain View 30-25. In the second half we shut down their offense and went on to win the game. Our offense was able to run the ball for 236 yards with a 9.1 ypc average. I was proud of the O line cause we did play a pretty good game. This week we have Orem and we need to take the confidence to win another game.

Varsity won their second game of the season against Mountain View. It will help boost our confidence, we are dealing with a ton of injuries right now. We actually played this game without 6 of our defensive starters in the game. If I were to tell any coach that you would be on your 4th string backer and win the game by 20 would you be happy. Most would. However, here at Timpview we have been spoiled so our coaches weren't as happy with the win. Though I think they have started to see the positive of this win.

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