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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About The Amazing Hurdle Play That Wasn't (As Shown On Yahoo)

If you were looking at Yahoo last night you saw this story about the amazing hurdle play of a QB in a game in Ohio.  Unfortunately for this player the play was penalized and called back.  According to the rulebook for the National Federation of State High School Federations (NFHS) this was the correct call as the player hurdled a defender who was still on both feet.  You can see the play here on the video:

Some of the comments on the story make the comment about Sam McDuffie who is famous for hurdling opposing players on Youtube.

There is one big difference on why Sam was able to get away with hurdling and not having the plays called back.  He is from Texas and there the high schools don't play under NFHS football rules, they play under NCAA rules.  Most people don't know this and that is why in Ohio the play is a penalty and in Texas it is not.  In fact there are only two states where the high schools play according to NCAA rules, Texas and Massachusetts.  Just wanted to let people know why the play was called back. .

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