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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having Fun Playing Football

How many of you remember this scene?

Now how many of us laughed at this part of the movie when we first saw this film?  It is a pretty funny scene but it brings to mind something that I want to address that coaches can do with regards to having fun while playing football.

Question for you coaches, how many of you have told your players to have fun playing football before a game?  It's an honest question because I think at times as coaches we can forget to tell our players to do this.  We get so focused on the game plan and pregame warm ups that we at times tend to miss telling our players something very very important.  To go out and have fun playing the game.

This is something I have started telling my players as our pre-game warm ups end and repeat just before taking the field that I want them to have fun out there with a big ole' grin on my face.  I have found that it helps the players relax a bit more on the field.

Isn't that what is important when it comes to football, coaches?  Having fun out there?  Make sure you let your players know this before playing the game.

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