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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Which Youth Offense to use?

In my last post I talked about why some youth coaches would run the spread when they have trouble passing. I ran a more spread offense because of the players I knew I would have. This enabled me to be able to run the offense I knew. So what offense would I run if I didn't have the players I did?

Well I think it depends on the age group. I have seen some coaches at age 9-10 try to run the spread but have had trouble, that is because I don't think kids that age can run a bunch of complex pass routes. For me I might have run the double wing or single wing at that age group unless I had some amazing players. Any age group below 9-10 I would run one of those two offense, kids aren't as developed to run all this fancy stuff.

For 11-12 year olds I might run the spread, provided we had the good athletes, depends on the players in that age group. For 13-14 year olds I would run the spread, they are older and can run more complex patterns together. Sometimes the offense doesn't have to be flashy, it just needs to be efficient. Don't worry what parents say but go with your gut instinct. As a coach only you know your strengths are, utilize them. Remember this is supposed to be a fun game for the youth, do your best to do that.

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