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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Air Raid Part II

This is a favorite play of mine. My youth team ran this play and it worked to perfection. This was one of our best plays as we ran it. This is taken from the current Air Raid passing system as well. This play is easy to read and understand and can be deadly.

On this play the first read is actually the flat defender covering the H position. It's a read by the QB and H defined by where the flat defender goes. Second read is the Y then Z then F. X is designed to clear the area by going deep but if you have a blitz coming the QB can hit that route to. Sometimes the CB might even leave the X to cover the flat which you can exploit.

Again ease of simplicity of the reads, and getting rid of the ball quickly is a reason for my liking the Air Raid. This is an offense that can score quickly and bring you back into games. I was able to run this one pass play out of four formations another bonus of the Air Raid.

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