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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spread Offense too Soft????

I have heard at times comments that the spread offense is not really a line em up and pound it type of offense. What do I mean by pound it? Usually when you hear pounding the ball means to line up in a tight formation and run the ball right at the defense. So why do some coaches and people think that you can't pound the ball in the spread?

Well in the spread the main running play is the zone block. In the zone block you block an area and not necessarily a man. So even if you just get in the opposing players way you can still block him, without having to blow him downfield. It's because of this type of play that some feel that you can't pound the ball in the spread offense and if you run the spread you are a soft team.

In my opinion this is a false idea. I think you can run the ball in a hard pounding way in the Spread offense. You can run the ball with a back leading on QB dart. You can have two backs in the backfield and have one lead the other up the hole. Counter is an effective run play in the spread offense at the HS level and below.

In the state championship game we ran for over 300 yards, and we run the spread. If you watch game film when we pulled the tackle downfield he hit the corner so much that eventually the corner gave up taking him on. You can pound the ball when running the spread, just not in the normal thought of idea.

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