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Monday, March 31, 2008

Attempting to get my first job

At the end of one class period I asked Coach Olson if there were any high schools nearby that needed help and if he could give me an idea of who. He said high schools always need help and suggested Timpview High school as they had just won the state title and a former player of his was the new head coach.

Excited I went home and emailed Coach Louis Wong the head coach of the Timpview Thunderbirds. Explained who I was and who told me to contact him. He replied that there could be a possibility of me helping coach the Defensive Backs and Receivers on the Freshman team. I went in to talk to Coach Wong. I thought I had the job to coach and went home excited as could be. In Utah it is a little different with Freshman and the conference they would play in was still getting set up. I contacted Coach Wong about two weeks later to get any update since I hadn't heard and he said he would still get back to me.

So I left it at that and didn't contact Coach Wong again. The months passed and I heard nothing back. The month of August came and I realized I wouldn't be coaching this season. I was hurt and angry that Coach Wong had never gotten back to me. I thought about sending a nasty email to him but decided not to. I remember what my father told me to do when thinking of doing something somewhat drastic think about it for the night and wait till the next day. I realized it would accomplish nothing and burn bridges. Not a good thing to do if you want to coach. So I spent the 2005 season not coaching any football not a great start to a coaching career.

I did learn something though about coaching. I let too long pass before speaking to Coach Wong again. I needed to be more proactive and make sure he knew I still wanted to coach. Plus my schedule wouldn't have worked at that time for coaching with school and work. So I learned my first lessons even though I failed in my first attempt.

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