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Monday, March 31, 2008

First Coaching Stint Part Two

Immediately the season started off rocky. On the first day of workouts for the teams we had a total of two players arrive for our team. After two weeks we finally were able to get a team together with the players basically getting their friends to come out. Not only that all the coaches but the head coach and I quit before the first real practice. Nevertheless we plugged on as we prepared for the first game of the season.

Prior to the first practices the coach bought a system online that utilized the Single Wing offense. Not a problem since the Single Wing is an effective offense. We just didn't know how to coach it that well. Many of our players were first year players as well so in the first game we played like first year players do whereas the opposing team had players that had played before. We got blown out and the offense was anemic. We kept plugging away though at the offense as we prepared for the second game. This time we lost 12-0, but the offense just couldn't get going. Looking back we were hamstrung by the players we had on the line and the fact that we didn't know the offense that well. We scrapped the offense and went back to the drawing board. This time we drew up plays in an offense we knew better. The lesson I learned was coach what you know. I learned hard the importance of sticking to your offensive and defensive philosophy.

We struggled through the season but the team got better and better. However one night we did have a meeting with parents because they were unhappy with us. We smoothed things over but I found out later that many parents weren't happy with me especially. For a team building exercise I contacted Coach Wong and took the team to see Timpview play on Friday Night. He let us in free and the kids were excited and amazed at the speed of the game as they got older. Finally to make the playoffs in this small league we had to beat the last team we would play. If we beat them then we had to play a play-in game the same day. The first practice of that week I told the boys that if they could make the playoffs I would let them shave my head. They got excited and said are you serious? I told them yes and we got down to work.

The day of the game arrived and I knew we were better than this team and should have won the first time we played. I hate saying refs play a part in determining the outcome of the game but they did. (example of this was our X was called ineligible receiver down field on a pass negating a gain to the 8 yard line of the opposing team. We had the momentum on your side and would have sealed the game I believe.)

However we started the game and soon showed we were better than them. We blew them out in both games and the kids said yes we get to shave your head. Here is a picture from that night. We were the last seeded team in and unfortunately had to play the dominating team. They blew us out but at least the kids got to make the playoffs. After turning in the equipment I was excited for the next season.

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