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Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Coaching Stint Part One

After the 2005 season had ended I became busy and engrossed to the point that the months passed and all of a sudden I didn't have anything lined up for the 2006 season. I emailed another local coach at Provo High School and he responded that he had no positions available. Then I thought why not look at youth teams. Work with older youth and get some experience then contact the high schools.

The first youth league I contacted never got back to me after I sent an email. I got discouraged there too. Crap I can't get onto a youth team staff even? Then one day while walking by the grocery store I saw an ad for a different youth league. I went to their website and left a message. I received a phone call back from the league director asking me what my goals as a coach were and what age I would like to coach and what town I wanted to be in. I told him the oldest in the league and the town I was in. I received a call back from the head coach of the local youth team and we got together for a meeting. He said I would love to have you help out and so away started my coaching experience. At the first meeting of the coaches I volunteered for the defensive coordinator position and received it. So even though it was for a youth team I was going to be the one calling the defensive plays. I was excited for the upcoming season to start.

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