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Monday, April 7, 2008

High School Season starts

The first game of the season the Varsity team won 14-0. Many mistakes were made which were attributed to the jitters of the first game of the season. We were on the way to starting the goal for the Varsity team though, be the first team in school history to go undefeated and win back to back state championships.

For the Sophomores we started preparing for our first game of the season against Spanish Fork High school. I was nervous headed into the game as I didn't know how our team would do. Those fears took shape when we gave up a touchdown right off the bat on a long pass play. However our team responded wonderfully and we proceeded to run and pass en route to a blowout win. We prepared well and the players responded to what we wanted them to do. Our backs ran hard and defensively we settled in and began to stiffen as we played. Privately I felt that this coming season would be a good one.

The Varsity game the next night was the turning point in my opinion of the entire season. Unfortunately for the rest of the teams in the state who might have hoped that this didn't happen.

The game started out alright, Spanish Fork came out with a good plan of attacking with short passes underneath our coverage and we had to adjust. Fortunately we held them to a Field Goal Attempt which they missed. The game was going in our favor up until the end of the third quarter beginning of the fourth quarter. We started putting our backups in as we led 30-0. They scored and on the ensuing kickoff we fumbled the ball. They scored again and suddenly it was 30-14. On the ensuing possession we fumbled the ball again on the first play of the drive which they converted into points. Suddenly it was a 30-22 game as they converted the two point conversion. Our next drive stalled and they started to drive. You could feel the momentum with them and they drove down for a fourth td. They attempted a two point conversion again but our linebacker was able to make the tackle to stop it so we held a 30-28 point lead. On the next possession we were able to drive and hold onto the ball to finish the game with a win.

After the game you would have thought they had won and we had lost. Our players were sullen and quiet even yelling at each other at some points from the frustration. Their fans and players were yelling and smiling and laughing.

Coach Wong pointed out it was a win and that the goal was still intact and keep their heads up. From that point on no team ever came that close to beating this team again. The players ensured that they never relaxed on another team. Another reason that as Spanish Fork came back our players started to press harder to make plays and made mistakes. This was a lesson for them to not do that again and just do what they are taught to do and everything will take care of itself.

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