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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yesterday we had a good day of work. In one on ones the d-lineman put a lot of pressure on our o-lineman. One of our best lineman had a tough day as we used speed to rush him. After the workouts his father was talking to me saying "My son got his ass kicked today."

He is worried that he is getting too caught up in all his recruitment. It is hard to remember that when it comes down to it, these players are just teenage boys having to deal with all that. This player is a good young man, just needs to refocus a little and I am confident that he will. He knows what he needs to do and won't let those outside distractions affect his play.

Overall we are seeing improvement in many players. This won't be that easy of a season coming up, but we do have a lot of returning talent. Since we platoon players too, the development of these players is increasing.

Many sophomore players watched the championship game from the stands, they came up to after that game and said "We want that too coach." They know what is expected of them, this is a winning program and this causes them to raise their play as well.

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