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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Youth Team

Remember how I had asked for the chance to run the offense for the youth team? Well I decided to coach both teams that fall and so prepared for the upcoming season. I went into the season with a young man already in my head as our QB as he was a playmaker and wouldn't fall apart if a mistake occurred. This years team would be 13-14 year olds with a lot of returning core players to help us out. We were excited for the season and started practicing with the team. It was a small league and we were picked to finish third. We headed into a pre-season scrimmage with a total of four plays really installed just out of multiple formations and run to perfection. In the scrimmage we took chances we normally wouldn't have (Consistently going for it on 4th down) and lost by one touchdown but we came away confident that our offense would work.

We headed into the season and prepared to play a team that we were told hadn't lost in three years. The game was a hard fought battle with us this time playing field position. We punted the ball and pinned them in their own ten. They punted and we began our drive from the 35 yard line after a great return. I proceeded to call a run play which worked so well I called it again. We ran the same play four times which led to a touchdown to seal the game. We won the game and prepared for our next game. I felt that something big was on the way for the coming season.

As for the QB position I actually chose a new player that joined the team as our QB he had those factors that you can't teach a QB, not as fast as the other guy and not as strong an arm but he was accurate and a leader of the team so I chose him as my starter.

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