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Thursday, April 24, 2008

What We Do

Here at Timpview we run the spread offense, and we do a good job at it. We actually tend to run the ball more than pass but we can still be dual threat which helps a lot. We have fast lineman that allow us to pull them to lead block and our receivers are good at beating their defenders. Our running backs do a good job at having vision and the cut back lanes. My favorite play we run is the QB counter, it is a money play that very rarely is stuffed.

Defensively that is the trade secret that we guard closely. Coach Wong doesn't share it with anyone so out of respect to him I won't share too much of what we do. Let's just say I am at the program that fits with my coaching philosophy perfectly.

Another thing that makes us so good is that we platoon players. Our players just have to worry about one position during the week can focus on that and go against each other in practice. When you work against good players you have to get better as well. This has helped our players grow tremendously.

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