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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wendover Clinic

This past weekend Utah high school coaches had a clinic in Wendover NV. We went to Wendover but mostly went to have our meeting as coaches about the upcoming season. There we determined basically where players would be situated and what we looked like for the upcoming season.

Earlier in the day we attended the golf tournament and the four coaches who had never golfed before were put together. Let's put it this way. Someone needed to have a camera following us around because it would have been a comedy. We did better than expected and had a lot of fun as coaches. I guess I should take up golf because it is a way to get to know other coaches and forge relationships.

While there I did attend one session of the clinic. I went to Robert Anae's session about the passing game. I am finding that I like the Air Raid system more and more because the reads are very easy for a QB when starting out. It gives them confidence and can force the defense to do what you want. The weekend was fun especially with the free meals I received. One of our coaches went home with 330 bucks won in blackjack.

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