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Monday, April 7, 2008

Youth Season Continued

We continued through our season on the youth team and lost only two games to the same team. They seemed to have our number and I knew we would have to play them in the championship game. I didn't change anything in our game plan as I prepared I knew what we had to do and I planned out my gameplan and didn't worry what they would do.

We headed into the championship game and started out slowly as neither team could get going offensively. Finally before the end of the first half we hit a routine 5 yard out that our receiver broke for a 65 yard TD. Being first on the board took a lot of pressure off and our players relaxed. We came out in the second half and proceeded to put up three more touchdowns en route to a shutout victory for the league championship. To finish the scoring we ran the hook and ladder play which worked to perfection with everyone enjoying themselves on our sideline.

What I had learned from the high school staff rang true that day. Only worry about what you are going to do, not what they do. If you worry about what they will do, you will never be able to beat them.

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